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James B. Reston Papers (Digital Surrogates)

James B. Reston Papers (Digital Surrogates), ca. 1943-1989, contains digitized personal notes, drafts, conference papers, speeches, diary pages, personal and institutional correspondence, interview transcripts, articles, memoirs, newspaper clippings and maps, relating to Reston's journalism career. Contents also include six audio recordings from 2 interviews conducted by Reston in 1977 and 1978. Digitized material concerns U.S. and international political episodes, social movements, public opinion, the professional practice of journalism, personal and family events, and business trips.

Note: Several manuscripts, personal notes and diary pages are not dated.

Newspaper clippings and some transcriptions of speeches are available online through the Digital Library access link.

Nearline material includes audio recordings from interviews by Reston, photographs, articles, correspondence, newspaper clippings and others. Access copy to this material is available upon request.