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Roger Adams Papers and Audio Recordings (Digital Surrogates)

Digital Surrogates from the Roger Adams Papers and Audio Recordings contain research reports, articles, institutional correspondence, resolutions, meeting minutes, symposium papers, and newspaper clippings, concerning research, products, and organizational decisions of the International Sugar Research Foundation. Subjects include industrial sweeteners, diet-related diseases, sucrochemistry, nutrition habits, and food technology. This Series also includes digitized audiorecordings of interviews with Roger Adams conducted by John B. Mellecker, Historian of Chemists on November 20th 1964 and Febrary 12th, and March 15th 1965, and ca. July and October 1965.

Original documents can be found at record series 15/5/23,box 49, and tape from the interview is located at box 9.

An access copy of all material is available upon request

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