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Small Homes Council Technical Notes (Digital Surrogates)

Digital Surrogates from the Small Homes Council Technical Notes, includes digitized technical Notes issued by the Small Homes Council-Building Research Council including Prevention and Treatment of Construction Damage to Shade Trees (TN-1: 1965); Built-up Roofing Details (TN-2: 1966, 1970, 1981); Insulation for Heating (TN-3: 1969, 1977); Converting a Concrete Slab to a Wood Subfloor (TN-4: 1969); Planning for More Space (TN-5: 1969); Investigation of the Mechanical Characteristics of Truss Plates on Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood (TN-6: 1971); Application of Treated Poles and Posts for House Construction (TN-7: 1972); Residential Swimming Pools (TN-8: 1972); Construction for Attic Ventilation (TN-9: 1974); Home Heating and Cooling with Electricity (TN-10: 1974); Gusset Plates from Plywood and Hardboard Scrap (TN-11: 1974); Influence of Heel Wedges on the Stiffness and Strength of Wood Roof Trusses with Metal Plate Connections (TN-12: 1975); Modernization of Hydronic Systems (TN-13: 1976); Details and Engineering Analysis of the Illinois Lo-Cal House (TN-14: 1979); Wood-Frame Construction-Do It Right! (TN-15: 1983); Speaking of Windows (TN-16: 1984, 1990); Flat Roof Conversions (TN-17: 1985); and Ceiling-Floor Partition Separation: What Is It and Why Is It Occurring? (TN-18: 1989).

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