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Heinz Von Foerster Papers (Digital Surrogates)

Heinz Von Foerster Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1943, 1947, 1968-1971, 1974, contains digitized published papers and correspondence between Professor Heinz Von Foerster and the experimental architect Lebbeus Woods concerning letters of recommendation on Woods' projects for different grants and fellowships, personal handwritten notes, and institutional correspondence. Digitized articles include "Uber das Leistungsproblem beim Klystron" Berichte der Lilienthal Gesellschaft fur Luftfahrtforschung 155, 1943; and "Von Pythagoras zu Josef Matthias Hauer", Jedermann: Eine Wochenschrift (1:1), 1 August, 1947.

Digitized images pertaining to this record series, are available at the Archives image repository. The digitized interview "Understanding Complexity", broadcasted by the Old Dominion Univeristy Television, with Dr. Von Forester, and Humberto Maturana, by Dr. Fred Steier from the American Society for Cybernetics and the Old Dominion Univeristy can be accessed here:

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