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Rainbow Round Table Issuances and Publicity (Digital Surrogates)

Issuances and Publicity of the Social Responsiblities Round Table (SRRT) Gay and Lesbian Task Force, including A Gay Bibliography (1971-76, 1980), Gay Task Force News (1974-78), "Censored, Ignored, Overlooked, Too Expensive? How to Get Gay Materials into Libraries" (1979), publication and resource lists, news releases (1974-75, 1977-78), Gay Book Award Announcements (1980-81), articles about the Gay Task Force (1971-72, 1979), bibliographies, the GLTF clearinghouse inventory, Barbara Gitting's "Gays in Library Land. The Gay and Lesbian Task Force of the American Library Association: The First Sixteen Years" (1990), 25th Anniversary booklet (1995), and the GLTF Newsletter (1993-2005).

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