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American Library Association Archives Posters

Oversized posters, rotogravures and architectural drawings of ALA divisions, committees and projects. The file includes posters of Library War Service (1917-18), Hospital Library Service (1918-19), 50th Anniversary (1926), Reading Campaigns (1920's), W.P.A. Library Service Program (1935) and Andrew Carnegie Centenary (1935), Victory Book Campaign (1943) and World War II in general, Library Bill of Rights (1948, 1961, 1967), National Library Week, American Issues Forum (1976), White House Conference (1979) and Public Library Association (1982-83). The file also includes architectural drawings of the Seattle World's Fair Library Exhibit (1962) and the New York World's Fair USA Library Exhibit (1964-65), ALA Conference Posters for Philadelphia and San Antonio, and general library promotion posters, including quotes from notables, children/youth appeal and "Read" Series, and local and national @ Your Library campaign posters.