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Neil L. Block Papers (Born Digital Records), 1979 -1987

Born Digital Records from the Neil L. Block Papers include articles and notes concerning Block's work on astrology. Additional electronic material is available upon request, including software manuals, and instructions; executable files; system files; data tables; image files; bibliographies; indexes; resumes; articles and notes; relating to specialized software including FORTRAN, Lotus Symphony, dBASE Table File Format (DBF), C programming language, File Archive Utility, and AutoCAD (.DWG); programming instructions, astronomy, and astrology. Includes excerpts from the programming book "LEARNING C" by Larry L. Severson and Neil Block.

Note: An index to additional nearline material is available in the link provided. Neil Block used the pseudonym Gary Duncan for his astrological projects.

An access copy of this material is available upon request.

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