University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Illini Union Board Subject Files (Born Digital Records)

Born digital records from the Illini Union Board Subject Files contain photographs relating to the Oasis mind-body-spirit relaxation room (2007).

Additional born digital material is available upon request, including correspondence, reports, proposals, rosters, bylaws, schedules, photographs, logos, minutes, short films, slides and webpage elements, concerning major events, regular activities, and administrative procedures, including the Big Ten Union Directors Meeting (2003), the Illini Union Board and the Illinites program (2003-04) and the Energy Audit results for clean energy and energy efficiency projects (2007).

This collection is managed by the University of Illinois Archives and does not feature precise descriptive information for each item. Discover its contents by browsing the folders and files. For more information, contact an archivist at