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John Starr Stewart Ex Libris Collection

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  1. Hardy, Francis A., 1819-1915; Hardy, Mary Parry
    Image | 1902

    Stylized plant (dandelion?)
  2. Moorman, Marion Ridley, 1878-1952

    Pendant with caduceus and motto: Quae prosunt omnibus
  3. Scofield, Charles Forest

    Scroll showing text and landscape.
  4. Ulrich, Russell, Mrs.

    Cipher and text
  5. Allison, Nathaniel

    Coat of arms. Escutcheon: or (gold) a lion rampant, facing sinister between three fleurs de lis, dexter chief and sinister chief and base. Supporters: on each side an eagle, wings displayed & inverted. Crest: stylized crown, an armed hand holding a curved object. Motto: Spiro (I breathe). All within a circular frame of leaves.
  6. Howard-Smith, Leighton
    Image | 1903

    Coat of arms azure (blue) a chevron argent charged with two marlets and lion rampant, dividing 3 conches, two over one
  7. Taft, Mary Florence
    Image | 1902

    Wood carved plaque showing books, interior room with bookcase, china cabinet, plant, painting. Above, oil lamp and Bible open_file to Genesis
  8. Ekins, Frederick

    Coat of arms. Escutcheon: argent, a bend lozengy sable between two crosses crosslet fitched azure. Inescutcheon: sable 3 crescents azure on a fess or between two lions passant argent. Crest: lion's (?) arm erased holding a lozenge containing a cross crosslet fitched. Motto: Fortiter gerit crucem (He bravely supports the cross).
  9. Indianapolis Sketching Club

    Art nouveau flower design.
  10. University Club (Denver, Colo.)
    Image | 1903

    Two men in high-backed seats are partially seen reading before fireplace
  11. Cook, H. S.

    Person seated on floor reading by the light of a candle, cat and bookshelves nearby.
  12. Stearns, Lutie Eugenia, 1866?-1943

    Partly bald man trapped in stocks made of two rows of books supported either side by feather pens.
  13. Stearns, Lutie Eugenia, 1866?-1943

    Bald man in full robe, seated beside bookshelf from which hangs a bellows, holds hand to cheek. Titles on spines of books are illegible.
  14. Ritchey, John Paul
    Image | 1901

    Stylized tree with fruit, small shield lower right with symbol for Jupiter
  15. Moore, Edward Martin

    Book plate printed on transparent paper
  16. Curry, George Archibald

    Bear cub seated in woods
  17. Loveland, John W.; Loveland, Lee Partridge
    Image | 1900

    Room with organ, fireplace, bookshelves
  18. Sabin, Ruth Mary

    Owner's initials written in a cipher
  19. Wetherill, Richard B.

    An escutcheon propped on a bouquet of flowers wrapped by a banner with text. Above, a crest: a demi-lion rampant, in his paws an urn.
  20. Rutgers College. Library.

    Text within frame.
  21. Robertson, George

    Coat of arms. Escutcheon: gules (red) on a fess between three wolves' heads erased argent (silver) a galley, oars in saltire (crossed), flags displayed. Crest: an arm cubit in the hand a royal crown. Motto: Virtutis gloria merces (Glory is the reward of valor).
  22. Smith, Mary Nixon
    Image | 1906

    Woman knocking on door
  23. Fisher, William Edgar, b. 1872

    A man is walking, head buried in a book.
  24. Fisher, William Edgar, b. 1872

    Man with staff raises arms at sight of castles (colored gold) on clouds
  25. Wheeler, Florence Sylva
    Image | 1895

    Putto reading a book with a magnifying glass amid books, two roses, and bow and arrow, all surrounded by an oval floral frame.
  26. Delano de Lannoy, Mortimer, 1869-1920
    Image | 1902

    Owner has his genealogy plotted out on the left and right side of the book plate
  27. Clark, Arthur Wellington
    Image | 1900

    Man with long hair and wearing 18th century jacket at table reading
  28. Clark, Arthur Wellington
    Image | 1898

    Armorial crowned eagle rising erased, above ledge with books, scroll, ink pot and quill, microscope
  29. Wiseman, Joseph
    Image | 1789

    Coat of arms. Escutcheon: sable a chevron ermine between three cronels (spear heads) Crest: A sea horse contourné.
  30. Day, Robert
    Image | 1894

    Within an elaborate carved frame, a plaque with coat of arms. Escutcheon: per chevron or and azure, three mullets countercharged, over all, a crescent countercharged for difference. Crest: two hands conjoined proper fixed to a pair of wings, the dexter wings or charged with a mullet azure, sinister wings azure charged with crescent or. Motto: Sic itur ad astra (Thus you shal...
  31. Puig, Eduart

    Woman in dress with art nouveau pattern reaches to open_file ornate box upon cabinet with escutcheon of 9 bars
  32. W., G.E.

    Owner's initials written in a cipher
  33. Stone, Wilbur Macey

    Books and papers
  34. Stone, Pauline

    Woman in black with white head covering with fruit from tree. Artist's mark: 'D' in a circle.
  35. Stone, Wilbur Macey

    Sword? with roping? Artist's monogram.
  36. Stone, Wilbur Macey; Stone, Lillian Newton
    Image | 1897

    Text on wood boards
  37. Stone, Lillian Newton
    Image | 1898

    Plants stylized as ironwork with text in among them.
  38. Stone, Wilbur Macey
    Image | 1901

  39. Amherst College. Library
    Image | 1903

    Bust of Socrates
  40. Amherst College. Library.

    Text within ornamental border.