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  1. Father Jacques Marquette
    Image | 1933

    Caption: "Father Jaques (sic) Marquette, S. J."
  2. Chicago, before the fire
    Image | 1933

    Caption: "Chicago, as It Was Before the Fire"
  3. Maj. Gen. Geo. Bell, Jr. and staff
    Image | 1933

    Caption: "Maj. Gen. Geo. Bell, Jr., and Staff on May 25, 1919"
  4. Rufus C. Dawes
    Image | 1933

    Caption: "Rufus C. Dawes President A Century of Progress"
  5. New City Hall and County Building
    Image | 1908

    From text: "On the opposite page is a fine representation in half-tone of the new County Building and City Hall, as the conjoined, magnificent structure will appear when the city half of it shall have been completed. The county half has been officially occupied since July 5, 1907, and it is certain that the officers and employes (sic) of no county in the United States are m...
  6. Motor squad wagon
    Image | 1919

    Caption: "Used for all emergency services in the saving of life and property. Responds to all fires with all regular fire equipment. Carries pulmotor, acetylene cutting device and all heavy tools for extricating persons in a dangerous position, at large fires and railroad accidents, etc. It is considered by the Department as one of the important advances of increased effi...
  7. Fred A. Busse
    Image | 1908

    president of Busse Coal Co.
  8. Chicago City Council Chambers
    Image | 1908

  9. City Hall construction
    Image | 1909

    Caption: "City Hall foundations nearing completion (View taken February 15, 1909)"
  10. Bernard J. Mullaney
    Image | 1909

    Bernard J. Mullaney was secretary to the mayor.
  11. Carter H. Harrison
    Image | 1913

    Frontispiece. Harrison was mayor of Chicago from 1897–1905, and 1911–1915.
  12. William Hale Thompson
    Image | 1915

    Frontispiece. Thompson served as mayor of Chicago from 1915–1923, and 1927–1931.
  13. Calumet Club
    Image | 1888

    Building was located at Michigan Avenue and Twentieth Street.
  14. Chicago Club
    Image | 1888

    Caption: "Chicago Club, Monroe St." From text: "After the fire the present building was erected on Monroe Street, just opposite the Palmer House."
  15. Douglas Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "Organized in April, 1885, the Douglas Club has its quarters at 3518 Ellis Avenue."
  16. Farragut Boat Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "The present club house (at 3016 Lake Park Avenue) was completed in the spring of 1886."
  17. Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium
    Image | 1919

    Caption: "Bird's eye view of sanitarium." The sanitarium was located in the northwest part of the city, near Bryn Mawr and Crawford Avenues.
  18. Illinois Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "In 1881, the property which is the present quarters of the Club (154 Ashland Avenue) was purchased."
  19. Indiana Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "The Indiana Club was organized in 1883, for the purpose of promoting social intercourse among its members and their families. The Club occupies the premises at 3349 Indiana Avenue, a handsome and commodious two story brick house, furnished throughout with every comfort and luxury. The billiard and pool rooms, the bowling alley and the dressing rooms are on the ...
  20. Kenwood Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "From this meeting resulted the present Kenwood Club, the organization of which was perfected in February, 1884. In June of the same year the Club took possession of the house on Forty-seventh Street, near Lake Avenue, which was formerly the residence of Norman B. Judd, Esq. To this house, a two story and basement frame building, a large addition, 40x75 feet, wa...
  21. Lakeside Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: ""The Lakeside Club was organized in 1884, for the purpose of promoting social intercourse between its members and their families. Two houses were taken at the corner of Wabash Avenue and Thirtieth Street, and here the Club remained until 1888, when the new Club house on Indiana Avenue (between Thirty-first and Thirty-second Streets) was opened with a grand New Ye...
  22. LaSalle Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "The LaSalle Club is a political and social organization. All the leading Republican politicians belong to it, and it is the centre of Republican activity in Chicago. … Organized in 1884 … early in 1888 it took possession of the fine building it now occupies, at 252 West Monroe Street, formerly the residence of C. C. Holton, Esq. The house is of marble, three s...
  23. Oaks Club
    Image | 1888

    Caption: "Austin Library Building and Club House." From text: "The Oaks was organized in January, 1882, and incorporated September 3d, 1884, its object being to promote social intercourse between its members and their families. In its early days the club occupied rooms in the Giles Block until the building was destroyed by fire November 13th, 1885, at which time it suffere...
  24. Park Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "The Park Club had its beginning at a social gathering of the leading gentlemen of South Park early in the spring of 1886. … The selection of its name was the natural sequence of its unrivalled location in the midst of the grand system of parks and boulevards, over whose thousands of acres of lawn and lake its windows look. While the majority of the members of th...
  25. Standard Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "The Standard Club was organized in 1869, and chartered February 14th, 1887. The object for which it was formed is the social and mental improvement of its members by social intercourse and by various educational means, to-wit: The establishment and maintenance of a library, a gymnasium, a theater, a lecture and music hall, a reading room, the collection of paint...
  26. Union League Club of Chicago
    Image | 1888

    to maintain the civil and political equality of all citizens in every section of our common country ... Its house, one of the finest in Chicago, arranged and furnished with every comfort and luxury, is situated on Jackson Street and Fourth Avenue, close to the Board of Trade."
  27. Union Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "The Union Club was organized in 1878 … In 1881, the present handsome club house was built. Admirably situated on Washington Place (at the corner of Dearborn Avenue) it attracts the attention of every passer-by by the grace and beauty of its proportions. As you pass through the broad front door, you enter a spacious hall with walls and ceiling of exquisitely car...
  28. Michigan Boulevard before widening
    Image | 1919

    Caption: "Michigan Boulevard at Randolph Street before Widening."
  29. Washington Park Club
    Image | 1888

    From text: "The objects of the organization called the Washington Park Club, which was incorporated in 1883, are to promote good fellowship among its members by providing a club house and pleasure grounds for their entertainment where at all times they may meet for social intercourse, and to encourage, by providing the proper facilities, raising, improving, breeding, trainin...