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French World War I Posters





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  1. On est prié de ne pas cracher par terre

    A man and a woman point to the text.
  2. Pas trop de chahut S.V.P.

    A soldier sits at a desk writing, while he thinks about a woman knitting in front of a fireplace.
  3. L'amitié des États Unis

    A Red Cross nurse holds the American flag and the symbol of the Red Cross.
  4. Nous voulons. Les revendications des bébés

    Babies march with picket signs.
  5. Les foyers du soldat
    Image | 1918

    A soldier is silhouetted by the moon as he walks in front of a snow-covered landscape.
  6. Les foyers du soldat

    A heavily-laden soldier makes his way towards a barracks in front of a demolished city.
  7. Exposition de l'Enfance
    Image | 1918

    A child standing on a chair pastes a poster with the text onto a fence.
  8. Sauvez votre bébé! La mort le guette

    A skeletal Death peers into a nursery filled with babies.
  9. Suivez ces Conseils. Vous vivrez longtemps.

    This poster describes ways for children to stay healthy and avoid tuberculosis.
  10. Combattez la Tuberculose

    The poster features comics-like frames demonstrating the allies and enemies of tuberculosis, and what can be done to prevent the spread of the disease.
  11. Allons tous à la consultation

    A line of infants and young girls winds outside of a building labeled "Consultation."
  12. 2 Fléaux: Le Boche, La Tuberculose
    Image | 1917

    A bloody sword is stabbed through the German Imperial eagle.
  13. Il faut vaincre la tuberculose comme le plus malfaisants des reptiles
    Image | 1918

    A hand grips a viper by the neck as venom drips from its mouth.
  14. Affiche Composée par les enfants

    Wheat stalks decorate the left and right edges of this notice. This broadside accompanied 13 other posters in folder 5.
  15. Casse aujourd'hui ton sucre en deux pour en avoir demain?

    A French sword cuts through a package of sugar.
  16. Cultivons notre potager

    Potatos, cabbage, and carrots lie in a pile.
  17. Economisons le pain en mangeant des pommes de terre

    A steaming bowl of potatoes sits on a table cloth.
  18. Français, économisez le gaz.

    A gas lamp hangs from the ceiling.
  19. Fumeurs de l'arrière. Économisez le tabac pour que nos soldats n'en manquent pas

    Beneath a helmet filled with tobacco paraphernalia, a cigar sends wafts of smoke upwards.
  20. Mangez moins de viande pour ménager notre cheptel

    A fish is being pulled from the water by a fishing rod.
  21. Ne gaspiller le pain est notre devoir

    A sliced loaf of bread sits on a table.
  22. Pretez vos billets de banque a la France

    Currency falls from a helmet decorated with mistletoe.
  23. Réservez le vin pour nos poilus

    A grape vine curls around a wine jug.
  24. Semez du blé, c'est de l'or pour la France

    A scythe and bundle of wheat are positioned in front of the French flag.
  25. Tout l'acier et le charbon pour nos usines.

    Black smoke pours out of three brick smokestacks.
  26. Debout! Nos morts pour la patrie... Voici la France!

    A mother and two children look over a field dotted with grave markers. Ghostly figures rest against the crosses, while more ghostly soldiers ride horseback in the sky.