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French World War I Posters





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  1. Déclaration des Députés d'Alsace-Lorraine

    A woman is chained to the wall. Above her shoulder is a poster with the headline "Deutsches Reich."
  2. Marne Yser Somme Verdun

    Two women look adoringly at a French soldier holding the flag.
  3. Journée de l’armée d’Afrique et des troupes coloniales

    African and colonial French troops advance in front of a pink blossoming tree.
  4. Journée de l’armée d’Afrique et des troupes coloniales
    Image | 1917

    African troops advance.
  5. Journée Serbe 25 juin 1916

    People and cattle make their way across a snow-covered bridge. A Red Cross nurse helps a soldier along, while bodies float in the river below the bridge.
  6. La Journée Serbe 25 Juin 1916, Anniversaire de la Bataille de Kosovo
    Image | 1916

    Soldiers and civilians carry their possessions across a snow-covered bridge.
  7. Journée Serbe 25 Juin 1916
    Image | 1916

    Soldiers and civilians make their way across a snowy field.
  8. Journee du poilu
    Image | 1915

    A soldier and a woman embrace- they stand in front of sewing machine and an overturned chair, and a dog looks on.
  9. Journée du Poilu 25 et 26 Décembre 1915
    Image | 1915

    A soldier prepares to throw a grenade.
  10. Journée du Poilu
    Image | 1915

    Two soldiers stand side-by-side, one with a grizzled beard and the other clean-shaven.
  11. No title[Winged Republic/victory on deep blue background]

    A winged green woman holds an olive branch up to the light in front of a blue background.
  12. On ne passe pas!
    Image | 1918

    A French soldier in ragged attire stands in front of a flaming battlefield.
  13. Institution Royale de Messines
    Image | 1918

    Women lay a wreath at the base of a gravestone draped with the Belgian flag.
  14. La Triennale Exposition d'art Français au profit de la Fraternité des Artistes
    Image | 1916

    A soldier watches as a farmer plows a field with his cattle.