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  1. Desk, belonging to Abraham Lincoln

    Dark stained pine desk. Two rows of open cubbyholes above desk lid. Lid has hinges and lifts up. Slant-top lid and writing area. Very plain, crude craftsmanship. H 74 13/16" x W 11 1/4" x L 26".
  2. Dr. Howe's Medicines Advertisement

    Dr. Howe and his partner, Dr. Woodard, produced a variety of patent medicines in Bloomington. Their medicines were later produced by Dr. Z. Waters who gave his name to the line.
  3. Hungarian Roller Mill

    The Hungarian Roller Mill operated on Bloomington's west side from the 1870s to 1912.
  4. Stump and Coons Business Receipt

    In 1873, Stump & Coons offered their services for horseshoeing and jobbing.
  5. Cane, from Lincoln Home

    Plain turned wood cane with paper label attatched certifying authenticity. Rounded top, tapers slightly to rounded end. End has 1 cm turning hole in center. Most of paper label has flaked off. Thin decorative border, does not completely wrap around label. L 36 1/2" x Diam. 1" to 1/2".
  6. Rocking chair, belonging to Abraham Lincoln

    Mahogany with black upholstered horsehair rocker. Upholstered back. Seat and pillows on arm rails. Gondola-type arm, curving into circular arm that ends with a modified lotus flower turned into the circle. Head crest rail has carved flower (lotus), flanked by a large leaf on each side. Runners and legs are without decoration. 13 buttons on the upholstery. Front legs have a p...
  7. Audi-Cord Corporation Advertisement

    The Audi-Cord Corp. in Normal advertises electronic equipment, including cartridges, recorders, and reproducers.
  8. Corn Belt Creamery Co. Advertisement

    The Corn Belt Creamery Company produced butter at 211-17 North Prairie St. in Bloomington.
  9. Doorknob, from an interior door of Lincoln Home

    Brown marbleized doorknob. Diam. 2 1/8"
  10. Plaque, depicting Abraham Lincoln

    Bronze relief plaque of Abraham Lincoln attatched to wood panel. Lincoln penny is embedded in lower right hand corner of wood panel. Card tacked to back of panel gives information on the artist and the work. One of three cast from the original plaster mold. Relief is L 30" x W 22".
  11. Wall mirror, belonging to Abraham Lincoln

    Rectangular gilt gesso on wood molding frame mirror. Top outer edge is bevelled away from mirror, 1/2" wide, remainder of mirror slopes inward. One incised line 1/2" from outer ridge. 1" wide molding bevel cut to mirror outer ridge is closest to glass. Back of frame is flat with wide incised line 1 1/2" from outer edge. Mirror held in place by glued blocks and backed with se...
  12. Chest of drawers, belonging to Abraham Lincoln

    Sheraton-style walnut bureau, with walnut burl veneer on bowed drawer fronts and drawer separators. Fluted-front side columns and four identically turned Sheraton-style legs. H 39 3/8" x W 41" x D 21".
  13. Sewing table, belonging to Mary Todd Lincoln

    Veneered work table. Rectangular base with carved scroll bracket feet, pedestal supporting top is rectangular post, narrowing toward top. Two drawers under nearly square top, each drawer is concave with two circular wooden knobs. Drawers are stacked to form box under top, while top projects over box slightly. L 19 3/4" x W 19" x H 26 5/8".
  14. 18372--Illinois River and Valley from Starved Rock, New State Park, Ill.

    Black and white stereograph slide showing the Illinois River.
  15. The Best States Right' political cartoon from the New Hampshire Republican

    Title page, New Hampshire Republican v. 1 n. 6 (August 30, 1890).
  16. Moratz Planing Mill

    At the Moratz Planing Mill about 1915, workers stand amongst wood shaping equipment.
  17. Osborn Bakery Advertisement

    S.G. Osborn owned a bakery, confectionery, restaurant and oyster saloon at the southwest corner of Center and Grove.
  18. Daybed, belonging to Lincoln Family

    Caned day bed. Two caned round arms fit onto bed with screw key. Ring-turned legs and supports, opens up and has 13 round supports for mattress, etc. The mattress is missing. L 54" H 28" x W 26 1/2".
  19. Needlework Basket, belonging to Mary Todd Lincoln

    Woven wicker cane sewing basket. Looped, raised scalloped rim, loop from single piece of cane on both sides to attatch handle. Two main large horizontal ribs. Smaller cane in pairs, over and under horizontal cane weave. Poor condition.
  20. Portable desk, belonging to Abraham Lincoln

    Mahogany writing box with brass plate in center of hinged top. Back folds down into flat surface on bottom. Slanted on top for writing. Hinged compartments on both sides, covered with fabric. Several compartments in front, one long with lid, one each inkwell with bottle and one square with circular well and ringed brass circular lid. L 14" x W 8 1/4" x H 4 5/16" cm (closed)....
  21. Voyageurs in a canoe

    Drawing by Frederic Remington. Sometimes the voyageurs transported passengers, as well as cargo.
  22. Dinner Plate, belonging to the Lincoln Family

    China dinner plate of English manufacture. Gray transfer pattern of a castle scene in center. Rim has repeated pattern of a different castle. Numeral 20 is impressed into bottom of plate. Diam. 10 1/4".
  23. Dinner Plate, belonging to the Lincoln Family

    China dinner plate. In center is hand-painted small floral bouquet. On rim, at horizontal compass points is red flower sprigg. Diam. 9 1/2".
  24. Cream pitcher, belonging to the Lincoln Family

    Ceramic cream pitcher. Cream color, octagonal base, rounded octagonal shape. H 2 1/4" x W 6" x D 2 1/4".
  25. Illinois Tractor Advertisement

    The Illinois Tractor Company in Bloomington promised "the lowest priced tractor in the world."
  26. Bloomington Brush and Trunk Company Advertisement

    The Bloomington Brush and Trunk Co. was a 19th century manufacturer. They produced brushes of all types -- clothes, stove, shoe, tooth, hair, and paint -- and, in 1877, expanded production to included travelers' trunks and suitcases.
  27. Bloomington Book Bindery Advertisement

    The Bloomington Book Bindery started business in 1854. Books of all kinds were bound in Russia, Calf, Morocco, or Sheep. Russia was a trade name which applied to a shaved cowhide or calfskin which was begetable-tanned with tannins from willow or other barks. Calf paper is colored and embossed, resembles leather and is now used only occasionally for covering books. Morocco...
  28. Bloomington Manufacturing Company

    The Bloomington Manufacturing Company manufactured the "Graham Mower and Reaper" in the 1860s.
  29. Bloomington Cracker Company Advertisement

    The Bloomington Cracker Company on East Front Street was also Gerken's Bakery.
  30. Bloomington Trunk Factory Advertisement

    The Bloomington Trunk Factory manufactured trunks, satchels, valises, and traveling bags in Bloomington in the late 1800s.