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  • Train Station, Champaign, Illinois
    ImageTrain Station, Champaign, June 30, 1952.
  • Transparency, lantern slide
    ImageGlass rectangular slide with painting pictures of men riding animals: rabbit, bird, frog rooster
  • Trapeze artists, Mary & Roy Valentine with Reiner
    ImageThe Valentines and Reiner pose for a publicity photograph. They were famous trapeze artists.
  • Trapping Illustration
    ImageExample of trapping techniques during late 17th and early 18th centuries.
  • The Travel Air Model R 'Mystery Ship' Texaco No. 13 monoplane
    ImageA monoplane, which set hundreds of cross country flight records in the 1930s. The pilot was Frank Hawks. It competed in the 1930 Chicago National Air Races. 'Texaco 13' was originally purchased by the Texaco Company. It had a cockpit full of special instruments for long distance flights and was thus heaviers than its predecesors. The cockpit was fully enclosed. The mon...
  • Trestle Bridge, at Whiteside
    ImageReproduction of a black and white photograph of the trestle bridge at Whiteside. Source: Barnard, George N. Photographic Views of Sherman's Campaign, Embracing Scenes of the Occupation of Nashville, the Great Battles around Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain, the Campaign of Atlanta, March to the Sea, and the Great Raid through the Carolinas. New York, 1866. Dimensions: 8"x10".
  • Trim 1, from Lincoln's catafalque
    ImageSilver thread & wire wrapped around wooden beads, with fringe bottom. Small top bead wrapped in basket weave pattern, small wrapped ring separates two beads. Larger bead wrapped in ribbed pattern. Fringe, which is attached to bottom of bead, is twisted wire in a spiral pattern. Secured on thin wooden dowel. H 7" x Diam 3 3/8".
  • Trim 2, from Lincoln's catafalque
    ImageSilver thread and wire fringe segment. 3/8" wide tape of silver thread, very thin wire thread tassels are attached close together. Silver tassels, twisted into spiral pattern, all same length. L 22 7/16" x W 4".
  • Trim 3, from Lincoln's catafalque
    ImageBlack wool fringe. Cord is looped and sewn together to form tape. First continues to form tassels before next loop of tape. Tassels made by cord, twisting back on self. Additional, thinner, cord sewn diagonal across front of tape in long and short sections in pattern. Excellent condition. L 20" x W 6 1/16".
  • Trimmed Hedge in Old Town Township
    ImageThis hedge in Old Town Township, McLean County, is one of the few surviving examples of traditional trimming in the county.
  • Trundle toy, made by Abraham Lincoln
    ImageWheeled cart with solid axles. Main body is rectangular block. Two thin boards run perpendicular on top and bottom of block with short pivots. Wheels screw to pivots. In center top, thin board also runs perpendicular, with two knobs on ends. Under one knob is a short pivoting lever. Center body covered with thin leather or paper. All lacquered. Large hole drilled in front. L...
  • Tryner and Richardson Cigar Factory
    ImageTryner and Richardson's Cigar Factory employed a dozen hand rollers in 1894.
  • Twelve-horse Hitch
    ImageThis photo shows a 12-horse hitch being used to plow a field in McLean County, Illinois.
  • Two Nickels, Obverse and Reverse: no date
    ImageThe reverse reads "United States of America," and has a number "5" and "cents." There are thirteen stars for the colonies. The other coin shows a wreath with an indefinable shape in the middle, possibly a shield. All else has been worn off.
  • Two tine iron fork
    ImageTwo tine iron fork with horn handle. Splits in the horn, and a stain on the handle base. 6.5" long
  • Two Women
    ImageWomen under trees
  • Two young tramps smoking
    ImagePhotograph, b/w
  • Typewriter
    ImageBlack Hammond typewriter on a wooden base. Missing wooden top section. Marked "Hammond Multiplex." See "Interpretation" for information on how the typewriter helped women enter the workforce in the United States.
  • Typewriter
    ImageTypewriter. Royal 10. Royal Typewriter, Co. New York, 1922. Black body trimmed in gold. Keyboard has 47 metal keys with white faces and black printing. The curved front of the carriage is printed with "Royal" in gold letters. Five adjustment buttons are at the front. Ribbon cartridges sit on both sides. Sides of the machine have two beveled glass square inserts which allow a...
  • Typical CCC youth enrollees
    ImagePhotograph, b/w
  • Typical forest service camp
    ImagePhotograph, b/w
  • U-505 Submarine
    ImageThe U-505 is 252 feet long, thirty-seven feet high at the conning tower and twenty-two feet wide at its widest point. Its maximum speed was 18.3 knots on the surface and 7.3 knots submerged. The submarine had a range of 11,400 miles without refueling and could stay submerged for approximately thirty-two hours. It could carry twenty-two torpedoes. The submarine was designed t...
  • Ulbrich Advertisement
    ImageH.with Ulbrich manufactured harnesses, saddles, and collars at several locations in Bloomington from 1883 to 1895.
  • Union Depot, Bloomington, Illinois
    ImageA crowd mingles on the Union Depot platform on West Washington Street, Bloomington, Illinois.
  • The United Nations fight for freedom
    ImagePoster, color, 27.9 x 21.9 in., published by the United States Government Printing Office
  • United, the United Nations fight for freedom
    ImagePoster, color, 7.5 x 10.5 in., published by the United States Government Printing Office
  • United we are strong, united we will win
    ImagePoster, color, 28.5 x 40 in., published by the United States Government Printing Office
  • United we win
    ImagePoster, color, 28.5 x 40 in., published by the United States Government Printing Office
  • University High School, Urbana, Illinois
    ImageSchool of Education, 1212 with Springfield Avenue, Urbana.
  • University Hospital (McKinley Center), Urbana, Illinois
    Image1109 S. Lincoln Avenue, Urbana.
  • University of Illinois Airport
    ImageUniversity of Illinois Willard Airport, Champaign.
  • University of Illinois Architecture Building
    Image608 E. Lorado Taft Drive, Champaign.
  • University of Illinois Armory
    Image505 E. Armory Avenue, Champaign.
  • University of Illinois Armory (Kenney Gym Annex), Champaign, Illinois
    Image1402 with Springfield Avenue, Urbana. Kenney Gym was also known as the Military Drill Hall and Men's Gymnasium. The architect were Nathan C. Ricker and Nelson Strong Spencer. Since 1986, it has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • University of Illinois campus, World War II
    ImageOn June 18, 1860 Reverend Johnathan C. Stoughton proposed that a school be built between the twin cities. In October, 1864, Turner and Clark R. Griggs were appointed to investigate possible sites for the university. The county board of supervisors agreed to purchase the Urbana and Champaign institutes for $24,000. The school was created for agricultural purposes, and the ...