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  • Commemorative Coin, depicting Lincoln and slogans
    ImageCopper coin showing Abraham Lincoln and slogans. Profile of Lincoln, beardless, facing right, inscriptions around rim. Back has laurel wreath around slogan & inscriptions along rim, on bottom is engraver's name. Obverse: "Abraham Lincoln Born Feb.12.1809" Reverse: "Republican Candidate 1860/No More/Slave/Territory" Diam 1 1/4" x D 1/16".
  • Commemorative Coin, depicting Lincoln as railsplitter and friend
    ImageCopper coin with Lincoln, railsplitter and friend. One of first coins struck during campaign. Beardless Lincoln facing right, inscription & decorative border along edge. Back: tall man wields mallet while other holds wedge into trunk of tree, log cabin in background. Obverse: "Hon. Abraham Lincoln, 1860" & engraver's name under shoulder. Reverse: "The Railsplitter of the Wes...
  • Commemorative coin, Lincoln and the "All-Seeing Eye
    ImageCopper coin showing Lincoln and the "all-seeing eye." Beardless Lincoln facing right, inscriptions around rim. "JDL" under shoulder. Back has eye with heavy eyebrow, rays radiating out with inscriptions around rim. Obverse: "Abraham Lincoln/1860/Republican Candidate For President" Reverse: "The Union Must And Shall Be Preserved". Diam 1 1/4" x D 1/16".
  • Commemorative coin, Lincoln with railsplitter image
    ImageCopper-coated medal of Abraham Lincoln with railsplitter image. Beardless Lincoln looks left with motto around rim "The President of the U.S. 1861" & "Copyright Secured" on bottom. Reverse has tall man splitting log in front of rail fence, with cabin & setting sun in background, "The Railsplitter of 1830" around rim. Diam. 1 1/2" x H 1/16".
  • Commemorative plate featuring Lincoln Home
    ImageHigh relief and brightly colored plate featuring the Lincoln Home. Design covers entire plate. Shows front (west) view of home, behind fence and retaining wall. Flagpole in corner, with many trees. Blue banner at base of plate. House in brown with green shutters, gray roof and trim, between brackets at roofline. H 2.9 Diam 21 cm.
  • Commemorative plate of Lincoln Home exterior
    ImagePink transfer-print plate of Lincoln Home exterior with border of flowers and vignettes of interior scenes. Clockwise from top: Dining room, front stair and hall, back parlor, front parlor, sitting room. Seam line visible in three flower clusters. Exterior view shows flagpole in corner, enclosed front porch, fire hydrant and mank bushes around foundation. On back of pla...
  • Commemorative plate showing Lincoln Home exterior and large flagpole on corner
    ImageWhite plate printed in blue with gold accents, showing Lincoln Home exterior and large flagpole on corner. Large trees surround house. Olive branches form band on outside rim with gold "Illinois" and "1972" on a ribbon at bottom. On back, small hole in foot used for hanging. H 2.1 Diam 19 cm.
  • Commemorative Ribbon
    ImageWhite silk ribbon wound on round wooden core. Extremely fragile. Diam. 2 3/8".
  • Commemorative ribbon, originally used on Lincoln's catafalque during his funeral at the Old State Capitol in Springfield, IL
    ImageWhite silk grosgrain ribbon. Extremely fragile, rapidly disintegrating. L 21 1/2" x W 2 3/4".
  • Commode, belonging to Mary Todd Lincoln
    ImageMahogany chamber pot/ box with hinged lid. Round piece with two finger-grip holes, removable, fits into removable rectangle with circle cut-out. This fits on top of rectangular box with side cut-outs, on casters. L 18 1/2" x H 15 1/2" x W 16".
  • Concord Coach
    ImageA nine passenger, Eastern-style Concord road coach. Originally the coach’s body was painted red and its carriage yellow, but the coach has been over painted with the exception of the door scenes. Its original center "jump seat" is missing, (a "jump seat" is an adjustable seat that, when it is not in use, can be hidden from view.) The two slat type seats on top of coach were ...
  • Concrete Block Barn
    ImageThis concrete block barn was built around 1900.
  • Concrete Block Machine
    ImageConcrete block machines like this one were available to make one's own blocks such as the one on the bottom left.
  • Concrete Fence Post
    ImageThis wooden fence was constructed using longer-lasting concrete fence posts.
  • Cone, Sugar
    ImageLarge cone of solid sugar. Wrapped in blue paper and tied with a twisted cord. 10.25" high.
  • Confederate Five Dollar Bill
    ImageThis five-dollar note is from The Augusta Insurance and Banking Company. The number 205 appears and "Will pay FIVE DOLLARS to bearer on demand." Then there is the word "Augusta," followed by an illegible word. The note is signed at the bottom by the cashier and the president, and around the edges is written "Five" and "State of Georgia." The paper is tan with black and red p...
  • Conner Prairie Living History Museum Interpreter
    ImageCostumed interpreter combing flax, part of the process to prepare the fibers for spinning into linen.
  • Construction & Engineering Research Lab, Champaign, Illinois
    Image2902 Newmark Drive, Champaign (Interstate Research Park).
  • Cooking class, Bloomington High School, Illinois
    ImageGirls practice their cooking skills in cooking class at Bloomington High School, Illinois.
  • Cooksville, Illinois, Grain Elevator about 1910
    ImageThe farmer's grain elevator sits in Cooksville in 1910.
  • Cooksville, Illinois, in the late 1800s
    ImageThis photo shows the business section of Cooksville in 1885.
  • Copp's Hill Burying Ground, Boston
    ImageAn 18th century burying ground in Boston, which contains many old tombstones.
  • Corn Belt Bank, Bloomington, Illinois
    ImageThe Corn Belt Bank building in downtown Bloomington is six stories high, one of the tallest in the city. A horse and carriage wait on the street outside.
  • Corn Belt Bank, Bloomington, Illinois
    ImageThe Corn Belt Bank building in downtown Bloomington, with a horse and carriage waiting outside.
  • Cornbelt Bank Building, Bloomington, Illinois (detail)
    ImageAfter the great Bloomington fire of 1900, the Cornbelt Bank was rebuilt and featured corn ears on the pilaster capitals.
  • Corn Belt Creamery Co. Advertisement
    ImageThe Corn Belt Creamery Company produced butter at 211-17 North Prairie St. in Bloomington.
  • Cornbelt Cube
    ImageThis home, constructed around the turn of the 20th century, is called a Cornbelt Cube, or American Foursquare, because of its shape.
  • Cornbelt Exposition Sign
    ImageThis sign advertises for the Bloomington Corn Exposition Oct. 16-21, 1939.
  • Corn Blotter Advertisement from 1916 Corn Show
    ImageA blotter from the 1916 Bloomington Cornfest advertises the Corn Palace.
  • Corn Celebration Preparation
    ImageIn downtown Bloomington, an archway of straw bales marks the entrance to tents set up for the annual Cornfest. The Corn Palace is in the background.
  • Corn Crib Building
    ImageThe side of a wooden corn crib building with ears poking through gaps in the slats of wood. It appears to have a metal roof.
  • Corn Crib on Lewis Bohrer Farm
    ImageThis drawing of the Lewis Bohrer farm shows a corn crib in the upper right corner.
  • Corn Design on Float
    ImageA close-up look at a unique design made of corn on a float in the Bloomington Cornfest parade.
  • Corn Dollar Inside 1916 Corn Palace
    ImageThe interior of the 1916 Bloomington Corn Palace shows the giant corn dollar on display amongst ears of corn.
  • Corn Dryers
    ImageCorn is suspended from the ceiling for drying purposes.
  • Corn Exhibit Photograph
    ImageA photo of the 'Just Corn: The Amaizing Story' exhibit inside the McLean County Museum of History in 1997. Panels of related photos and logos of seed companies are shown.
  • Corn head on John Deere combine
    ImageThe corn head of a 9600 John Deere combine during the 1995 harvest.