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  • Corn Husking Contest
    ImageAn arial photo of a corn husking contest at Funk's Farm with hundreds of spectators.
  • Corn Knife
    ImageThe corn knife, about 18 inches long, was often hammered from available scrap metal.
  • Corn Landscape
    ImageA photograph for a Funk advertisement by James Holbert, one of the main men behind Funk's success. The photo shows a large cornfield in the background and and a farmer with cattle in the foreground. Text on photo reads: Corn. America's contribution to the world's food supply.
  • Corn Markers Description
    ImageA printed description of the use of a corn marker, along with a drawing of a corn marker.
  • Corn Mortar
    ImageThis corn mortar was used by early McLean County settler John Moore for pounding corn.
  • Corn Palace at the Bloomington Cornfest
    ImageA Corn Palace was the center of the 1915 Bloomington Cornfest. This photo was taken at night.
  • Corn Palace Sign
    ImageThis sign identifies the Corn Palace, the center of activity at Bloomington's annual corn festival.
  • Corn Palace Sketch
    ImageA sketch of the Bloomington Colliseum turned Corn Palace for the annual Cornfest harvest celebration.
  • Corn Plant Drawing
    ImageSketch of a corn plant.
  • Corn Planter Advertisement
    ImageAn ad for a corn planter with description.
  • Corn Sheller Advertisement
    ImageThis is an ad for a corn sheller, which would provide feed by removing kernels from the cob.
  • Corn-Shock Binder
    ImageThis illustration shows the tools used in binding corn into shocks.
  • Cost of living, 1918-1945
    ImagePoster, color, 19.5 x 14.2 in., published by the United States Government Printing Office
  • Cost of living in two wars
    ImagePoster, color, 20 x 28 in., published by the United States Government Printing Office
  • Could this be you?; Don't travel - unless your trip helps win the war
    ImagePoster, color, 25.9 x 18.4 in., published by the United States Government Printing Office
  • County School Display at State Fair
    ImageThis school corn exhibit from McLean County is on display at the 1909 Illinois State Fair.
  • The Coureur de Bois and the Indian
    ImageA fur trader stands by a birch bark canoe and shakes the hand of an Indian. A second fur trader is seated in the canoe.
  • Coverlet
    ImageThis coverlet was woven with red, dark blue and yellow colored wool and cotton yarns. Two mirror-image panels are stitched together at the long sides. There are five horizontal rows of large abstract daisy designs in the center of the coverlet, with side borders of thistle finches (distelfinks) and roses and a bottom border of a grapevine. The weaver's name and the date he w...
  • Coverlet
    ImageA large sunburst is positioned in the center of the coverlet on a lush field surrounded by a series of geometric and floral borders. All four sides have a wide floral border. Red, blue, green and undyed yarns were used.
  • Coverlet
    ImageThis coverlet of olive green, red, gold and undyed wool yarn is woven into a geometric sunburst pattern with inset sunflowers and dogwood blossoms. The side borders are a grapevine pattern and the lower border contains a tulip tree alternating with a maple tree. Fringe survives on the side and bottom edges. Total size is 89-3/8" x 73-1/2".
  • Coverlet
    ImageThis fancy coverlet was woven from red, navy blue, green and undyed wool. The centerfield pattern is made of five rows of a large four-leaf cluster design alternating with an eight petal flower with diamond center
  • Cradle or 'turkey wing' scythe
    ImageThe cradle, or "turkey wing", was used during harvest to cut grain.
  • Cradle, used by Lincoln family
    ImageLarge cradle of black walnut on rockers. Sides have turned dowels, ends are solid with curved top. Slats hold mattress. H 31 1/2" x W 29 1/2" x L 48 3/8".
  • Crazy quilt (c. 1880)
    ImageQuilt, 42 x 61 inches, containing patches of multicolored silk, velvet, and brocade. Heavily embroidered with animals and flowers. The center motif is a handpainted rose on maroon velvet.
  • Crazy quilt (c.1920)
    ImageQuilt, 69 x 70 inches, containing patches of cotton, wool, felt, and upholstery remnants.
  • Cream pitcher, belonging to the Lincoln Family
    ImageCeramic cream pitcher. Cream color, octagonal base, rounded octagonal shape. H 2 1/4" x W 6" x D 2 1/4".
  • Credit card featuring Springfield/Lincoln related images
    ImagePlastic credit card featuring drawings of Springfield/Lincoln related images: Old State Capitol
  • Crest of Mission Ridge
    ImageReproduction of a black and white photograph of the Crest of Mission Ridge. Source: Barnard, George N. Photographic Views of Sherman's Campaign, Embracing Scenes of the Occupation of Nashville, the Great Battles around Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain, the Campaign of Atlanta, March to the Sea, and the Great Raid through the Carolinas. New York, 1866. Dimensions: 8"x10".
  • La Cueva de Salamuse
    ImageBlack and white photograph of a stage set with a woman in costume.
  • Cultivating Corn
    ImageA farmer cultivates his field behind two horses in this drawing.
  • Cultivating Corn with Horses
    ImageA farmer cultivates a field of corn with a team of two horses.
  • Cultivating Soybeans with Horses
    ImageA farmer, pulled by two horses, cultivates his soybean crop about 1930.
  • Cunningham Orphanage, Urbana, Illinois
    Image1301 N. Cunningham Ave., Urbana.
  • Curta Calculator
    ImageCurta calculators were designed by Austrian, Curt Herzstark. They were only manufactured from 1948 through 1970. When new pocket calculators appeared in the seventies, Curta went out of business. Only two models were made. Model I gave 11 digit results and Model II gave 15 digit results.
  • Curtamil
  • Curtiss JU-4D 'Jenny'
    ImageThe Curtiss JU-4D 'Jenny' is a single-engine biplane. The 'Jenny's' fuselage is painted black and silver, its propeller is black, and its wings are yellow. The plane's height is approximately ten feet, the 'Jenny's' fuselage is twenty-six feet long, and the wingspan is forty-six feet.
  • Cushing's Artillery Men
    ImagePhotograph, b/w
  • Cushion, typical of fabrics available to Abraham Lincoln in mid-western Illinois
    ImageRectangular shaped cusion with khaki colored fabric on bottom and three sides. Top is blue and khaki, resembling pillow ticking. Front edge is blue cut velvet, as is cord around the top. W 17 5/8" x D 15 3/8" H 3 3/4".
  • Cutter, Sugar
    ImageSugar cutter made from iron with a wooden handle. Made by AK and Sons.
  • C.U. Williams Car Dealership
    ImageC.U. Williams had several enterprises, including this car dealership. Williams also ran a picture postcard business.