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  • Lighter, Cigar
    ImageA elaborately decorated small lamp in the shape of an ancient lamp, like the one like that which belonged to the legendary Aladdin. It has a single wick opening. This is, in fact a cigar lighter.
  • Lighter, Cigar
    ImageA small lamp in the shape of an ancient lamp, like the one like that which belonged to the legendary Aladdin. It has a single wick opening. This is, in fact a cigar lighter.
  • Lightering Boat, model
    Image(From the inscription below the boat) Low water and rapids in the Mississippi River at Keokuk necessitated the process of "Lightering" freight and passengers around the rapids. "Lightering" meant hauling passengers and freight in smaller boats which could be operated in shallow waters. Removing the cargo allowed the steamboat to rise enough to clear the rocks. Alth...
  • Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth's boot
    ImageJohn Wilkes Booth was wearing this boot the night that he shot Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater in Washington D. C. After shooting Lincoln and stabbing Major Rathbone, Booth leapt from the Presidential Box. Catching his foot on bunting draped on the front of the Presidential Box, he fell to the stage, breaking his left foot. The boot is on exhibit at the Ford’s Theater Muse...
  • Lincoln Beachey
    ImageThe Lincoln Beachey, an early aircraft, is shown at the LeRoy Fair, Illinois. Fairgoers can be seen in the background.
  • Lincoln-Hamlin political banner
    ImageHandsewn Lincoln-Hamlin banner, resembling a reversed U.S. flag. 13 red & white stripes alternate, beginning and ending with white. Dark blue field in upper right corner. Printed on middle white stripes: "Lincoln/And/Hamlin". L 77 1/2" x W 43".
  • Lincoln Life Mask
    ImageLife mask of Abraham Lincoln created by the sculptor Leonard Wells Volk in 1860. In 1855, Stephen A. Douglas introduced Volk to Lincoln, who sat for a life mask by Volk in 1860, shortly before the presidential nomination. The Lincoln mask shown here is an early copy made by Volk. After display in Boston in 1899, it was purchased by Henry Theodore Thomas, who presented it in ...
  • Lincoln Ox Yoke
    ImageWooden ox yoke crafted by a young Abraham Lincoln during his years in New Salem. The frame is made of wood from the original flooring of Lincoln's Springfield home.
  • Lincoln School, Champaign, Illinois
    ImageLincoln School, S. State Street, Champaign, First School Site
  • Loading Corn into Wagons
    ImageIn a field, corn is loaded into a wagon so it can be transported.
  • Loading seed into corn planter
    ImageDarrell Beehn Jr. loads Pioneer seed into an International 400 Cycle planter near Shirley, Illinois. Darrell Beehn Sr. stands beside the planter.
  • Local Indian Traditions
    Multi-Page Item | 7 pagesMilo Custer's 1914 account of local indian traditions (7 pages).
  • Looking up at the Great Pyramid
    ImageBlack and white stereograph slide, #T234 in "Tour of the World" series, v. 5 and 6.
  • Lost Lake' Chert Blade
    ImageThis is a blade used by the Archaic Indians. Made of chert, it has a notch on either side.
  • Lounge, belonging to Abraham Lincoln
    ImageSerpentine back, one-armed upholstered sofa, modified Late Empire style. Couch has sloped arm, headrest, curved upholstered ends, 3/4th low serpentine back, extra-length, and four turned legs with bun feet on coasters. Reupholstered by Clifford Putman in Springfield, IL 1953. H. 32 1/2", Base L. 67", Arm Rest estends 12", total L. 79" D. 22" Seat H. 16 1/2".
  • Loveseat, belonging to Abraham Lincoln
    ImageSmall mahogany sofa or loveseat, black horsehair upholstery, serpentine rail with carved rose and open Molding. Legs and seat rail have carvings as well. Legs have carved petals, and center has fruit-like carving (pineapple?). Thin arms, top rail ends with scrolls, sofa seat wedge-shaped, arms curve into back. L 66" x H 19" x D 20".
  • Loveseat, owned by Rev. Charles Dresser, a friend of the Lincoln family
    ImageVictorian Rococco style loveseat with exposed walnut trim. Horizontal oval medallion back, flared wing sides, padded arm rests. Carved crest has two upside-down rose buds flanked by open roses, leaves, and scrolls. Upholstery of rose silk brocade with raised floral pattern in same color. Backs of medallion and wings depp-button tufted with double rows of button half-way up. ...
  • Low Density Corn Planting
    ImageA farmer walks a cornfield of low density corn in eastern McLean County about 1920.
  • Lu-La Lake, Lookout Mountain
    ImageReproduction of a black and white photograph of Lu-La Lake from Lookout Mountain. Source: Barnard, George N. Photographic Views of Sherman's Campaign, Embracing Scenes of the Occupation of Nashville, the Great Battles around Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain, the Campaign of Atlanta, March to the Sea, and the Great Raid through the Carolinas. New York, 1866. Dimensions: 8"x10".
  • Machine, Sewing
    ImageBlack cast iron Singer brand sewing machine in an oak vaneered case with a lid and two drawers per side. Cast iron bracket legs and treadle. Leather drive belt on the drive wheel at the side.
  • Madison' Projectile Points
    ImageFour small to medium-sized thin triangular arrowheads. The points are usually like isosceles triangles in shape, or more rarely, equilateral triangles.
  • Magdeburg Hemispheres
    ImageThe two brass Magdeburg Hemispheres are twelve feet in diameter.
  • Maize Illustration
    ImageThe first illustration of maize in the herbals from De Historia Stirpium of Leonhard Fuchs.
  • Major Nolton Engine
    ImageA number of men surround the C&A "Major Nolton" Engine. The engine went to Chicago to fight the Great Fire in 1871, and it became nationally known because it reached Chicago in such short time to help fight the fire.
  • Major Nolton Engine, close-up
    ImageThis close-up of the Major Nolton Engine shows details like the antlers, lights, etc.
  • Make this pledge
    ImagePoster, color, 13.9 x 10.4 in., published by the United States Government Printing Office
  • Making gas masks
    ImageBlack and white photograph. Description in French reads, "Confection de lunettes contre les gaz asphyants.
  • Man hits barbed wire fence
    ImageIn this drawing, a farmer runs into a barbed wire fence between cornfields.
  • Man holding cornstalks
    ImageA man dressed in a vest and tie holds up a complete corn plant in each hand, each about 11 feet high.
  • Map, Cunningham Township, Urbana, Illinois
    ImageMap of Cunningham Township, south-east area of Urbana, Illinois.
  • Map, Cunningham Township, Urbana, Illinois
    ImageMap of Cunningham Township, south-west area of Urbana, Illinois.
  • Map, Cunningham Township, Urbana, Illinois
    ImageMap of Cunningham Township, north-east area of Urbana, Illinois.
  • Map, Cunningham Township, Urbana, Illinois
    ImageMap of Cunningham Township, north-west area of Urbana, Illinois.
  • Map, McLean County Railroads in 1860
    ImageThis map shows the path of railroads through McLean County in 1860.
  • Map, McLean County Railroads in 1900
    ImageThis is a map of McLean County railroads and grain elevators in 1900.
  • Map of Funk Farms, McLean County, Illinois
    ImageThis map shows the location of all the Funk Farms in McLean County.
  • Map of Marquette and Jolliet Route
    ImagePierre Marquette and Louis Jolliet successfully located the Mississippi River and traveled down it in two birch bark canoes, accompanied by five voyageurs. On the return trip they chose the Illinois River and then the Des Plaines River, where it was easier to paddle upstream. From the Des Plaines River it was a short portage to Lake Michigan.