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Nina Ruth Harding Papers (Digital Surrogates)

Nina Ruth Harding Papers (Digital Surrogates) contains correspondence between Nina Ruth (b. July 13, 1902, d. Feb. 14, 1925) and members of her family, cancelled checks (1922-23), photographs, postcards, graduation invitations, dance invitations and wedding invitations. Correspondence to Nina Ruth Harding consists primarily of letters from Logan F. Peirce (U of I, 1920-1924) and several from her family and friends (150+ letters) relating to many aspects of collegiate life during the 1920's: dating, the popularity of football, the first automobiles, early motion pictures, early radio broadcasting, fraternity and sorority life (Nina was a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority and Logan was a member of Alpha Chi Rho), cost of living, etc. This series also includes letters to Nina's parents (1899-1930), Theresa and Robert Harding, from their children and extended family.

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