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Library Audiovisual Presentations (Digital Surrogates)

Library Audiovisual Presentations includes negatives and positives of a two-reel silent film, "Found in a Book: Making the Most of your Library," April, 1936. Series also includes 2 DVD format copies (2010). This film was produced by the Class in Administration, University of Illinois Library School, directed by Marion Bradford, written by Ralph T. Esterquest, and photographed by Ray P. Hamm. Actors include Klusman Parks, David Pettigrew, Halle Galhuly, Mildred Easton, and Martha Sanford. The plot compares the experiences of one student who successfully utilizes the university library to aid his research with his roommate who does not. Additonally, this collection includes audio cassettes of faculty and guest lectures concerning control and access; inderdisciplinary research; digital materials; community relations; music preservation; feminist perspectives on thinking, libraries, and information; global impact of libraries; reference and virtual libraries; humanities and libraries; and information technology by speakers including Herbert White, Robert Alun Jones, Barbara J. Ford, Charles A. Bunge, Sarah M. Pritchard, Richard Jones, Sonja Jordan, Ann Bishop, Adam Griego, Carole L. Palmer, Kuperminc Marta Zarate, and Sally H. McCallum.

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