University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Caroline Webster Papers, 1917-1921 (Digital Surrogates)

Digital surrogates of the Papers of Caroline Webster as assistant to the director of the Library War Service head of the Hospital Library Service, and member of the Committee on an Enlarged Program for American Library Service containing correspondence with the American Red Cross (1918-1921); with Gertrude Rider of the committee on Work with the Blind, the New York Association for the Blind, and the Perkins Institute for the Blind (1919-1920); with dispatch offices (1919- 1920); concerning the establishment of public libraries in the Virgin Islands (1917, 1919-1920); with the Hospital Library Service personnel (1919-1921); postwar library service correspondence with national organizations (1919-1921); postwar library service records (1919-20).

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