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Avery Brundage Papers and Audiovisuals (Digital Surrogates)

Avery Brundage Papers and Audiovisuals (Digital Surrogates), 1929-1969, contains correspondence, articles and newspaper clippings, concerning US athletics managed by the Amateur Athletic Union (A.A.U). Include subjects as American Track and Field team performance in Oslo (1934); A.A.U bylaws and decisions about varied topics (1929, 1932 -34); controversy about US participation and neutral position at 1936 Olympics in Germany (1934, 1935); concerns about amateur sport vs. the commercial side of athletics (1934); and a polemic occurred in the 1968 Olympic Games at Mexico, involving athletic shoes wore at track and field competitions, known as "Shoe Scandal" (1968- 69). Digitized papers include the article "For Honor of Country and Glory of Sport" by Brundage (1934) and the A.A.U publication "Fair Play for the American Athletes" (1935) relating to the polemic raised regarding the participation of US athletes in the 1936 Olympics in Germany under the Nazi regime.

Materials also include two digitized episodes of This Week in Sports show from the 8th Winter Olympic Games at Squaw Valley (California, February 1960) narrated by Marty Glickman, covering varied competitions, medals awarded, and U.S. teams' performance. Audiovisual recordings also include opening ceremonies and a car commercial.

Major correspondents in digitized materials include R.S. Marshall (Supt. Parks and Recreation, Birmingham Alabama); Daniel Ferris (Secretary Treasury, US Amateur Athletic Union); H.W. Janssen (Manufacturers' Representative, Import and Export, New York); and Jeremiah T Mahoney (Phillips, Mahoney, Leibell and Fielding, Attorneys and Counselors at Law).

Access copies of digitized TV show episodes are available upon request.

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