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United States Department of Agriculture Soil Maps

Recognizing that the characteristics of soil have a great impact on the quality and yield of crops, the United States Department of Agriculture Division of Soils, later Bureau of Soils, created soil survey reports and maps to document areas of and differences in soil types and to describe problems encountered by specific agricultural processes or crops. Field Operations of the Bureau of Soils was produced annually by the U.S. Department of Agriculture form 1899 (1st) through 1922 (24th), with the first two reports (1899-1900) published as the Field Operations of the Division of Soils. Reports included an extensive text and a set of soil survey maps for various counties, parishes, and locations in the United States. This collection consists of digitized soil survey maps. Digitized texts can be found in the HathiTrust ( Additionally, links to text for individual years are included as part of the descriptions of the scanned maps.