University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

A. Arro Smith "Capturing Our Stories" Oral Histories Program Records, 2008-2013 (Born Digital)

Born-Digital video recordings and transcriptions from the A. Arro Smith "Capturing Our Stories" Oral Histories Program Records contain digital video recordings, transcripts, and release forms, concerning "Capturing Our Stories", a national oral history program to gather life histories of experienced librarians as they exit their careers. Interviews include Rita Auerbach, Sanford Berman, Karen Breen, Mary Bushing, Diana Collins, Richard Corson, Connie Corsons, Valerie Feinman, Clark Fogarty, Micki Freeny, Robert Gaines, Anne Gault, Andrew Hansen, Shelia Henderson, Billie Grace Herring, Janet Swan Hill, Irene Hoadley, Gail Hueting, Kathy Kays, Jeannette Larson, Sarah Long, Arlene Luster, Filomena Magavero, Dorothy McGarry, Jay McLaughlin, Bill Mears, Kent Middleton, John Mitchell, Jenifer John Patterson, Peggy Richwine, Dale Rickleifs, Karlan Sick, Ninfa Trejo, Pat Tuohy, and Kenneth Yamashita.

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