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  • Anton J. Cermak
    Image | 1933 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Cermak Was Elected World's Fair Mayor[.] 'I'm glad it was me instead of you.' Thus spoke the man that had been chosen to be Mayor of the city of Chicago during A Century of Progress Exposition on that memorable night of February 15, 1933, in Miami, Florida, when he was felled by an assassin's bullet as he was talking to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt."
  • Henry Horner
    Image | 1933 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Illinois' Governor, Henry Horner[.] Following more than eighteen years as judge of Probate Court, Henry Horner was elevated to the position of the Governor of the State of Illinois on January 9, 1933, at the state capitol of Springfield. The Governor was born in Chicago seven years after the Great Fire ... "
  • Chicago, before the fire
    Image | 1933 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Chicago, as It Was Before the Fire"
  • Rufus C. Dawes
    Image | 1933 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Rufus C. Dawes President A Century of Progress"
  • Maj. Gen. Geo. Bell, Jr. and staff
    Image | 1933 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Maj. Gen. Geo. Bell, Jr., and Staff on May 25, 1919"
  • Edward J. Kelly
    Image | 1933 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Edward J. Kelly World's Fair Mayor[.] Chicago's second World's Fair came near starting as the first one had ended--without a mayor… On April 14, 1933, Edward Joseph Kelly, president of the South Park Board, was duly empowered with the task of guiding the World's Fair city throughout the remainder of Cermak's term following the declining of the honor by the ageing...
  • Chicago A Century of Progress
    Image | 1933 | Picture ChicagoText: "Chicago 1833 1933 A Century of Progress"
  • James Hamilton Lewis
    Image | 1933 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "United States Senator James Hamilton Lewis … born in Danville, Virginia, on May 18, 1866 … A Chicagoan for thirty years, the World's Fair city's delegate in the United States Senate."
  • Father Jacques Marquette
    Image | 1933 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Father Jaques (sic) Marquette, S. J."