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  • S.Jose de Chincha 3 January 1765
    Multi-Page Item | 12 pages | 1765 | Conde de Montemar LettersPedro shares news about his recent marriage to one of the daughters of the count of Monteblanco. Fernando married the sister and they are living in the countryside. Pedro is planning to produce sugar in the Hacienda Guaito. He mentions he has been reading father Labat's books to learn about sugar production, and asks Diego for more books in case he can find them.
  • Lima 9 March 1765
    Multi-Page Item | 24 pages | 1765 | Conde de Montemar LettersLara shares with Diego news on his brothers, and some friends. He also mentions that his son Nicolás will soon join Diego in Spain. Lara comments on the state of their shared affairs, and he offers his opinion on the properties that Diego wants to subrogate. Additionally, Lara informs Diego his aunt Isabel has passed away
  • Lima 27 August 1761
    Multi-Page Item | 12 pages | 1761 | Conde de Montemar LettersPedro complains to Diego about his uncle Pedro Bravo del Castillo who has not helped him to obtain a corregimiento when it is known that he helped Felipe Zabala to obtain the Corregimiento of Moquegua. This is a brief letter because the priest who will transport the letter is leaving, but as soon as the new viceroy Amat arrives in La Esperanza Vessel, Pedro will send another...
  • Lima 27 February 1761
    Multi-Page Item | 18 pages | 1761 | Conde de Montemar LettersPedro tells Diego José about his brothers and sisters' activities. He provides information about some errands he had to run and mentions he is sending their brothers' birth certificates except for Rosita's that he is still looking for. He is also sending their great grandfather's will for Diego to take notice of some details of the mayorazgo he has inherited. Pedro mentions ...
  • Lima 30 March 1765
    Multi-Page Item | 18 pages | 1765 | Conde de Montemar LettersPedro comments on his aunt's death, her last days, and her desire to make Pedro her heir. Pedro tells Diego that he and Lara will be the executors of his aunt's will. Pedro assures his brother he did not influence his aunt to make him her heir, and he hopes his brother Juan will not complain about this issue. Finally, Pedro comments on his happiness as a newly wed.
  • Tudela 29 September 1765
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages | 1765 | Conde de Montemar LettersProbably a friend sent this letter to Diego José. This person refers to his trip to Zaragoza and the errands he ran on its way. He congratulates Diego José for obtaining the corregimiento of Sica Sica, and he celebrates the arrival of Diego's guests.
  • Lima 24 June 1762
    Multi-Page Item | 18 pages | 1762 | Conde de Montemar LettersPedro mentions the threat of war and the pressure to create new militia companies in the viceroyalty. He was offered a position as lieutenient in Count de las Torres' company. Although the position implies some expenses (clothing and weapons) it also provides some privileges. His goal is to get an appointment ien the Callao company and asks for Diego's help in recommending h...
  • Lima 26 October 1761
    Multi-Page Item | 16 pages | 1761 | Conde de Montemar LettersPedro shares news about the new viceroy Amat. Pedro is disappointed with his uncle Pedro Bravo de Castilla because he was part of Manso's government but he never did anything on their behalf. Pedro Bravo del Ribero helped the family to keep their houses but Viceroy Manso did not condone their debt. Pedro mentions Amat has brought Joseph Perfecto de Salas as his adviser and s...
  • Lima 1 April 1761
    Multi-Page Item | 6 pages | 1761 | Conde de Montemar LettersPedro confirms to Diego José he has ran the errands he requested. Pedro is surprised he has not received correspondence from Diego José since a lot of letters from Madrid have arrived recently. He informs Diego José two people are traveling to Madrid. One is Manuel Zabala who is going to work with Pedro Bravo del Ribero and the other is Domingo Suares who plans to rent a reg...