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  • O'Leary House
    Image | 1860-1869 | Picture Chicagoothers scoff at it as a myth. Whatever their cause, the flames spread so rapidly through the neighboring shanties, small frame dwellings and factories, that by the time the first fire engines reached the scene, the wind had carried the fire beyond their control."
  • Clark and South Water Streets
    Image | 1860-1869 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Corner Clark and South Water Streets Before the Fire. Original owned by Chicago Historical Society".
  • Terrace Row
    Image | 1860-1869 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Terrace Row on Michigan Avenue Before the Fire". Terrace Row was located where the Auditorium Building now stands (at Michigan Avenue and Congress Boulevard).
  • Democratic National Amphitheatre
    Image | 1860-1869 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Democratic National Amphitheatre Situated on Michigan Avenue, near Twelfth street. Original owned by Chicago Historical Society".
  • Michigan Avenue in the 1860's
    Image | 1860-1869 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Michigan Avenue in the '60s. Original owned by Chicago Historical Society."
  • La Salle Street from Courthouse Square
    Image | 1860-1869 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "La Salle Street from Courthouse Square. Original owned by Chicago Historical Society."
  • Chicago River before 1871
    Image | 1860-1869 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Looking east from Rush Street bridge in days before the Great Fire, when a forest of masts distinguished the traffic of the Chicago River. Permission of International Harvester Company."
  • Africa
    Image | 1860-1869 | Maps of Africa to 1900Bartholomew, J. G. (John George), 1860-1920