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Sorry, we couldn't find anything matching "The manuscript was copyrighted on October 8, 1917, but a plug in The New York Clipper for September 19 announces that the song is “fast getting a hold with the singers and public in the Middle West.” Three printings can be distinguished by front and back covers; the music and lyrics are unchanged. This is the third printing, which appeared after January, 1918, when the piano roll advertised by the “stamp” on the cover was released. The circular “stamp” is placed in three different locations and printed in two different colors, establishing three variants, for which no order can be established. Braham’s song was timed to accompany the Second Liberty Loan campaign, which started on October 1, 1917. It was issued in arrangements for orchestra and band, and at least two piano rolls, two recordings, and a large number of performances attest to its enduring appeal to the end of the war and even afterwards.".