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Sorry, we couldn't find anything matching "The engraver, James Earle Fraser, was a noted sculptor and student of Augustus Saint Gaudens. He described the image as a "type," rather than a protrait. It is unusual in that it shows a true Indian rather than the usual Caucasian type in a feathered Bonnet. Prior to making the design Fraser interviewed Iron Tail (a famous chief who fought Custer at Little Big Horn), Two Moons, and Chief John Tree. The bison was modeled after Black Diamond, who lived at the New York City zoo. The Indian Head/Buffalo nickel was minted from 1913 to 1938. In 1938, a competition resulted in a new design with the profile of Jefferson. On the reverse was an images of his home, Monticello. This coin is still being produced. The Indian Head/Buffalo nickels are now collector's coins. Source: Taxay, Don. New York: Arco Publishing Company, 1966.".