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  • Deacon Philo Carpenter
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "The Deacon (he was deacon emeritus in his last years) came to Chicago in 1832, and was largely instrumental in organizing the First Presbyterian Church. Later he moved to the West Side, and there joined the Third Church. As an ingrained Abolitionist he attended the Anti-Slavery Convention in Cincinnati in 1850..." Image appears to be an enhanced photograph and...
  • Rev. William Weston Patton
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Another whose work stands out conspicuously is the Rev. W. W. Patton, D.D., of the First Congregational Church. Dr. Patton was an uncompromising Abolitionist." Photograph is undated but appears to be from the 1880s.
  • Jules G. Lumbard, Basso
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Jules G. Lumbard, Basso (Chicago's Famous Singers of War-time Lyrics)." (Shown on page with his brother, Frank Lumbard.) Image is undated and appears to be an enhanced photograph.
  • John Wentworth
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Long John" Wentworth (Chicago's Giant Mayor)". Photograph is undated but appears to be from the 1860s.
  • Soldiers' Memorial in St. James's Church
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "The Soldiers' Memorial in St. James's Episcopal Church (Uninjured by the Fire and Forming Part of the Reconstructed Edifice, at Cass and Huron Streets)". Note: Cass Street is earlier name for Wabash Avenue.
  • Rev. William W. Everts
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "The Rev. W. W. Everts, D.D., of the First Baptist Church, was another who could always be depended on to strike straight from the shoulder. He left Louisville, Ky., in 1859, because of his anti-slavery views. Although his congregation was loyal to him, he felt he must have a freer field than a Southern pulpit afforded
  • Rev. Robert H. Clarkson
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Rev. Robert H. Clarkson By Courtesy of 'The Churchman'. From text: "Deserving of a grateful remembrance as are all these, I feel like giving first place to Dr. Robert H. Clarkson, of St. James's Episcopal and later the revered Missionary Bishop of Nebraska and Dakota … there was never any question where Robert H. Clarkson stood. His voice from the first was a tr...
  • Deacon William Bross
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Among somewhat later arrivals (the men of the forties) the Hon. William Bross, ex-Lieutenant-governor and "deacon" extraordinary, easily took first rank, because--well, because he was "Deacon" Bross." William Bross (1813-1890) was a journalist and served as Lieutenant Governor. (Source: Encyclopedia of Chicago.) Image is undated but appears to be from the 1860s.
  • Reception at Court House
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Reception of the remains at the Court House"
  • View south from Court House dome
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Views from the Court House dome in 1858 Washington and La Salle Streets (Looking South and Southwest) By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". View appears to be looking nearly due south.
  • Central YMCA Building
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoLocated at 19 S. LaSalle Street. Designed by Jenney & Mundie and built in 1893.
  • Post Office pneumatic tube system
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "End of the big pneumatic tube system in the basement of the Chicago Post Office." From text: "The underground pneumatic tube system is the largest of the kind in the world. There are three double-tube trunk lines, aggregating over eighteen miles of eight-inch cast iron pipe. Of these lines the stockyards branch is the longest, the station being six and one-half ...
  • Railway mail car
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Distributing the mail en route."
  • Underground freight system
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Loaded freight train at street intersection". From text: "Chicago's great subway, or underground freight railroad, is now ready for operation. It is the most complete and extensive of any tunnel system in the world. … Every street in the down-town district, and many outside streets, are duplicated forty feet below the surface by the tunnel system. The entire sub...
  • Marshall Field & Co. advertisement
    Image | 1906 | Picture ChicagoCopy reads: "Marshall Field & Co. Warehouses, Polk St. and the River, Chicago"
  • Chicago Water Works
    Image | 1869 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "… it was not until Monday, March 25th, 1867, that the water was let into the tunnel to flow through the water pipes and hydrants of the city. On that day the new water works were formally inaugurated by the laying of the corner stone of the new tower, situated about half a block west of the old tower, and since completed to a total height of 130 feet, standing on...
  • C. D. Peacock
    Image | 1922 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Elijah Peacock came here in 1837 and engaged in his trade of Jeweler and Watch Repairer, a calling that had already descended through three generations, following the English custom, and which his son, Charles (C. D.), who was born in 1838, and who has been one of our leading men in that line, tells me will be continued indefinitely, as the mantel is slipping fro...
  • Edward J. Kelly
    Image | 1933 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Edward J. Kelly World's Fair Mayor[.] Chicago's second World's Fair came near starting as the first one had ended--without a mayor… On April 14, 1933, Edward Joseph Kelly, president of the South Park Board, was duly empowered with the task of guiding the World's Fair city throughout the remainder of Cermak's term following the declining of the honor by the agein...
  • Maj. Gen. Geo. Bell, Jr. and staff
    Image | 1933 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Maj. Gen. Geo. Bell, Jr., and Staff on May 25, 1919"
  • New City Hall and County Building
    Image | 1908 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "On the opposite page is a fine representation in half-tone of the new County Building and City Hall, as the conjoined, magnificent structure will appear when the city half of it shall have been completed. The county half has been officially occupied since July 5, 1907, and it is certain that the officers and employes (sic) of no county in the United States are m...
  • Fred A. Busse
    Image | 1908 | Picture ChicagoMayor of Chicago (1907-1911)
  • Carter H. Harrison
    Image | 1913 | Picture ChicagoFrontispiece. Harrison was mayor of Chicago from 1897–1905, and 1911–1915.
  • Douglas Club
    Image | 1888 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Organized in April, 1885, the Douglas Club has its quarters at 3518 Ellis Avenue."
  • Wilbur F. Storey
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Wilbur F. Storey (Owner and Editor of The Chicago Times)"
  • Looking northeast from near Terrace Row
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Looking Northeast from near Terrace Row The Lake Front By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society"
  • C. A. Coey's School of Motoring
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoBook cover: "C. A. Coey's School of Motoring 1424-26 Michigan Ave. Chicago"
  • Elijah Peacock
    Image | 1922 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Elijah Peacock Founder of the House of Peacock, February, 1837"
  • Arrival of Lincoln's body
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Arrival of Lincoln's Body in Chicago (The Hearse Preceded by White-Robed Girls)"
  • Lakeside Club
    Image | 1888 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: ""The Lakeside Club was organized in 1884, for the purpose of promoting social intercourse between its members and their families. Two houses were taken at the corner of Wabash Avenue and Thirtieth Street, and here the Club remained until 1888, when the new Club house on Indiana Avenue (between Thirty-first and Thirty-second Streets) was opened with a grand New Ye...
  • Chicago For the Tourist
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoBook cover. Full text: "Chicago For The Tourist Reached by the Illinois Central R. R." Image depicts Grant Park, with the Logan Statue in the foreground, and the Illinois Central Station at 11th Street and S. Michigan Avenue behind.
  • Michigan Avenue streetwall
    Image | 1912 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Chicago's Sky Line and Water Front of the Down-Town Business District" Caption also identifies buildings in view. They are, from left to right: "Blackstone Hotel", "Harvester Building", "Congress Hotel and Annex"", "Auditorium Hotel", "Fine Arts Building", "Chicago Club", "McCormick Building", "Stratford Hotel", "Railway Exchange Building", "Theodore Thomas Orch...
  • Mahlon D. Ogden property
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "The Mahlon D. Ogden Property By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". Image is undated but appears to be from the 1860s.
  • Benjamin F. Taylor
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Benjamin F. Taylor (Chicago's Poet of the War Period)"
  • Washington Street, west from Dearborn
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Street scenes in the "Bygone Days" Washington Street, Looking West from Dearborn By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". Photograph is undated but appears to be from the 1860s.
  • George M. Pullman
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoPhotograph is undated but appears to be from the 1860s.
  • James H. Bowen
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoPhotograph is undated but appears to be from the 1860s.
  • William F. Coolbaugh
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "William Findlay Coolbaugh's rise and success was for a time phenomenal. He came to Chicago from Burlington, Iowa, with some reputation as a banker, and, though still in the thirties, so conspicuous was he in politics, that he received the Democratic vote for Senator in the Iowa Legislature. Within a few years of his arrival in Chicago, he became president of the...
  • George B. Carpenter & Co.
    Image | 1893 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] Geo. B. Carpenter & Co.--Fifth Ave. and South Water St. [See "Guide."]"