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  • Slave Sale Broadside
    Image | Teaching with Digital Content (Cultural Heritage Community)Credit Sale of a Choice Gang of Slaves, Comprising Mechanics, Laborers, etc. The sale, Tuesday, February 5, 1856, by J. A. Beard and Maj. J. a. Beard, auctioneer, was held for the settlement of a co-partnership of railroad contractors. The description of the sale of "A Very Valuable Gang of Slaves," is: "Belonging ot a co-partnership and sold to close the same. The said slav...
  • Reward Broadside
    Image | Teaching with Digital Content (Cultural Heritage Community)her manner of speaking is rather grum. She has a free husband living on Capitol Hill, Washington City, near Sims' old rope walk, named Henson Forrest. I will give the above reward no matter where taken, so I get her again. F. M. Bowie, Long Old Fields, Prince George's County, Md., July 6, 1857." This broadside is on display in the Chicago Historical Society exhibit, "A House...
  • Printing Press, c. 1830
    Image | Teaching with Digital Content (Cultural Heritage Community)The noted abolitionist Elijah P. Lovejoy (1802-37) is believed to have owned this press, which is in the collection of the Chicago Historical Society.
  • Slave Shackles, c. 1850
    Image | Teaching with Digital Content (Cultural Heritage Community)Plantation owners and overseers used heavy iron shackles to punish and humiliate defiant slaves, both men and women and especially those who tried to run away. Slaves who had been sold were also shackled while being moved to another location. Arm and leg shackles were the most common type of restraints, but stocks, neck collars, and the ball and chain were also used. This pa...