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  • Letter from Samuel Ferguson to William Allingham, August 21, 1874
    Multi-Page Item | 6 pages | 1874 | William Allingham papers, 1846-1920One letter from Irish poet Samuel Ferguson to William Allingham congratulating him on his marriage to his wife, Helen. He hopes to meet Allingham and his new wife whenever they're in Dublin. He also mentions the Burehelts as Allingham will most likely see them first.
  • Letter from Mary C. Ferguson to William Allingham, August 21, undated
    Multi-Page Item | 6 pages | William Allingham papers, 1846-1920One letter from Irish author Mary C. Ferguson to William Allingham informing Allingham that his letter from the 15th has just reached her in Bath, where she is visiting her widowed aunt Mrs. Hobart Seymour. The two women send their congratulations on Allingham's marriage to his wife, whom he married in 1874. She also tells him that the Burehelts spent three weeks with them i...
  • Letter from William De Morgan to Helen Allingham, February 18, 1891
    Multi-Page Item | 6 pages | 1891 | William Allingham papers, 1846-1920One letter from English potter and novelist William De Morgan to Helen Allingham writing to inquire whether the tiles reached her safely, and explaining that he has not been able to oversee anything lately due to sciatica. De Morgan asks that Helen inform him whether Herford Hope is alive and in England or in Africa. De Morgan hopes that Helen is well, and mentions that his ...
  • Ellen Terry, unknown year
    Multi-Page Item | 2 pages | 1850-1920 | William Allingham papers, 1846-1920One carte de visite of English actress Ellen Terry to Helen Allingham, the photograph exhibits Terry in costume, and is undated. The photograph was taken by H.N King based in Bath. There is an inscription on the back indicating the photograph is of Ellen Terry.
  • Letter from Isaac Pitman to William Allingham, July 6, 1876
    Multi-Page Item | 4 pages | 1876 | William Allingham papers, 1846-1920One letter from teacher of English and creator of the Pitman shorthand Isaac Pitman to William Allingham written in phonetic shorthand. The letter is addressed to Allingham as the proprietor of Fraser's magazine, and first expresses his pleasure as a vegetarian in reading a paper last month's volume. Pitman asks permission to reprint the paper in phonetic spelling, or semi-p...