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  • Chancellor's Task Force on Sexual Orientation, Final Report 1987
    Multi-Page Item | 252 pages | 1987 | LGBT at UIUCIn February of 1986, the Chancellor appointed the Task Force on Sexual Orientation. This document includes Thomas E. Everhart's press release statement, followed by the report itself.
  • Letter to the editor
    Image | 1975 | LGBT at UIUCThis letter was never submitted to the Daily Illini, but members of the Gay Students' Alliance threatened to submit it when a fraternity on campus denied the right of a same sex couple to dance at a fundraiser. As someone (unknown) noted, the fraternity conceded after the threat, but the situation was undoubtedly uncomfortable by then, and ultimately no gay couple did wind u...
  • Political goals of the Gay Illini
    Image | 1975 | LGBT at UIUCA page from Gay Illini internal documentation stating their political agenda. Either the group iteself or individual members were apparently also part of the National Coalition of Gay Activists. This documentation sought to align the goals of the group with a more global agenda, primarily that of the 1972 Gay Rights Platform.