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  • Chancellor's Task Force on Sexual Orientation, Final Report 1987
    Multi-Page Item | 252 pages | 1987 | LGBT at UIUCIn February of 1986, the Chancellor appointed the Task Force on Sexual Orientation. This document includes Thomas E. Everhart's press release statement, followed by the report itself.
  • Partial Gay Switchboard governance and policies document
    Multi-Page Item | 4 pages | 1979 | LGBT at UIUCOn January 12th, 1976, the Gay Switchboard opened. The Switchboard remains one of the crowning achievements of the Gay Illini. An important aspect of this documentation is that it points to an understanding of and an openness to both transvestites and transexuals in the "LG" (or "GL") community was an important purpose of the Switchboard and it's policies.