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  • Reception at Court House
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Reception of the remains at the Court House"
  • Chicago Water Works
    Image | 1869 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "… it was not until Monday, March 25th, 1867, that the water was let into the tunnel to flow through the water pipes and hydrants of the city. On that day the new water works were formally inaugurated by the laying of the corner stone of the new tower, situated about half a block west of the old tower, and since completed to a total height of 130 feet, standing on...
  • Douglas Club
    Image | 1888 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Organized in April, 1885, the Douglas Club has its quarters at 3518 Ellis Avenue."
  • Arrival of Lincoln's body
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Arrival of Lincoln's Body in Chicago (The Hearse Preceded by White-Robed Girls)"
  • Lakeside Club
    Image | 1888 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: ""The Lakeside Club was organized in 1884, for the purpose of promoting social intercourse between its members and their families. Two houses were taken at the corner of Wabash Avenue and Thirtieth Street, and here the Club remained until 1888, when the new Club house on Indiana Avenue (between Thirty-first and Thirty-second Streets) was opened with a grand New Ye...
  • Benjamin F. Taylor
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Benjamin F. Taylor (Chicago's Poet of the War Period)"
  • Strauss, Yondorf & Rose building
    Image | 1891 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Strauss, Yondorf & Rose, Wholesale Clothiers. … They occupy a handsome structure on the corner of Market and Quincy streets, ten stories and basement, being the first actual fire-proof building in the city erected and used for commercial purposes. ... [t]he ninth and tenth stories are used for sample rooms, thus securing on these floors at all times of day an un...
  • Chamber of Commerce
    Image | 1869 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "Chamber of Commerce--Board of Trade Is located on the corner of Washington and LaSalle streets. Its walls are built of Athens marble, and its dimensions are 93 by 181 feet. It is in the modern Italian style of architecture, and consists of a basement, half beneath the street, and used for business offices
  • Chicago harbor
    Image | 1869 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "In 1833 Congress made the first appropriation of $30,000 to improve the harbor. The north pier was run out a short distance and a light-house erected. An embankment was made to cut off the river from her old channel, which had previously emptied into the lake near the foot of Madison street. This work was commenced in the summer of 1833, and vigorously pushed ...
  • University of Chicago
    Image | 1869 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "University of Chicago [i]s located within four miles of the Court House, and on the route of the Cottage Grove horse-cars, within a few steps of the shores of Lake Michigan. It is conducted under the auspices of the Baptist denomination, but is founded on a broad and liberal basis. It is built on a beautiful tract of ground donated by Hon. S. A. Douglas. It wa...
  • Christian Brothers Academy
    Image | 1869 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "The Academy of the Christian Brothers, on Van Buren street, near Clark, was first opened in the spring of 1868, and has already achieved a very high and deserved celebrity. In the Order of the Christian Brothers, founded for the purpose of devoting themselves to the education of youth, the members are trained especially to fulfill the duties of teachers. How we...
  • Merchants Insurance Company building
    Image | 1869 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "One of the most stately and beautiful edifices in the United States, is the new building of the Merchants Insurance company of Chicago, on the northwest corner of LaSalle and Washington streets. It is five stories in height, and has a frontage of ninety-six and one-third feet on LaSalle street, and a frontage of one hundred and eleven and a half feet on Washingt...
  • Merchants' Farmers', and Mechanics' Savings Bank
    Image | 1869 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "We give a view of the building occupied by the Merchants', Farmers and Mechanics' Savings Bank, No. 13 Clark street. This institution was chartered in 1861, and in 1864 removed to its present very appropriate and convenient edifice. The institution is in a highly flourishing condition, and is deservedly popular.""
  • McVicker's Theatre
    Image | 1869 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "McVicker's Theatre is one of the finest structures of the kind in the country. It is situated on Madison street, between State and Dearborn streets. Its cost was over $75,000
  • Chicago University
    Image | 1850-1859 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Chicago University". From text: "To Stephen A. Douglas is due the credit of founding the first University of Chicago, now known as the Old University of Chicago. In 1856 a number of citizens visited Judge Douglas with plans for a university, and asked him for help. He gave them ten acres of ground lying along Cottage Grove avenue, at Thirty-fourth street, not fa...
  • Chicago Homeopathic College
    Image | 1883 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "The Chicago Homeopathic Medical College, situated on the corner of Wood and York streets, directly opposite the great Cook County Hospital, is one of the most elegant and commodious educational edifices in the city. It is generally conceded to be the largest and best equipped homeopathic building in this country."
  • Exposition building
    Image | 1875 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Exposition Building, Chicago." This appears to be an image of the Interstate Exposition Building, which was located along South Michigan Avenue, in present day Grant Park. See
  • Lincoln Park
    Image | 1875 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Lincoln Park, Chicago, view from the 'Hill.'"
  • Riots at Halsted Street viaduct
    Image | 1889 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "The Labor Troubles of 1877: Riots at the Halsted Street Viaduct, Chicago." The viaduct was located at Halsted and 16th Street. (Source: The Labor Trail: Chicago's History of Working-Class Life and Struggle
  • Michael J. Schaack
    Image | 1889 | Picture ChicagoFrontispiece, illustrating the book's author "Michael J. Schaack, Captain of Police."
  • William Butler Ogden
    Image | 1919 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "William Butler Ogden, Chicago's First Mayor. From the portrait by G. P. A. Healy. By courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society."
  • Inspector Bonfield
    Image | 1886 | Picture ChicagoInspector John Bonfield was present at the Haymarket on May 4, 1886. He marched 176 officers to the scene of the gathering there and ordered the crowd to disperse, after which events turned violent. (Source: Encyclopedia of Chicago.)
  • Haverly's Theatre
    Image | 1883 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "The theatre was a surprise to every one, even in Chicago, where celerity is a prevailing habit and Time has in most things been knocked out of time. The first stone was turned upon the ground on the 12th of June, 1881. Ninety days later--on the 12th of September--the new theater, completed at every point, was thrown open to the public. If the world can offer a...
  • Haymarket Riot
    Image | 1889 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "The Haymarket Riot: The Explosion and the Conflict."
  • State Street, Near Washington
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Street Scenes Before the War State Street, Near Washington By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society"
  • Clark and South Water Streets
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Street Scenes Before the War Intersection of Clark and South Water Streets By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society"
  • Tremont House
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "The Tremont House By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". The Tremont House was located at the southeast corner of Lake and Dearborn Streets. (Source: Early Chicago Hotels, by William R. Host and Brooke Ahne Portmann (2006).
  • Crosby's Opera House
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "The Grand Army Reunion of 1868 at Crosby's Opera House Lt.-Gen. Sherman Delivering Address of Welcome (This Building then Ranked as "the Most Imposing Art Temple of the Country")"
  • John A. Logan
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Black Jack "Logan (Major-General and Congressman-at-Large)"
  • First Congregational Church
    Image | 1910 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "First Congregational Church By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society"
  • First Baptist Church
    Image | 1869 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "First Baptist Church, Wabash av., cor. Hubbard court."
  • Marine Company building
    Image | 1869 | Picture ChicagoThe Marine Company of Chicago, a bank and foreign exchange dealer, was located at the corner of LaSalle and Lake streets.
  • Wood's Museum
    Image | 1869 | Picture ChicagoLettering in illustration reads: "Wood's Museum Randolph street, between Clark and Dearborn." From text: "Col. Wood's Museum [i]s on Randolph street, between Clark and Dearborn streets. It is a handsome marble front, four-story building. It is divided into several large halls, on the second, third, and fourth floors, which are entered by a spacious stair-case, ascending...
  • O'Brien's Art Emporium
    Image | 1869 | Picture ChicagoText in illustration reads: "O'Brien's Art Emporium, 51 State St., Chicago. Artist's materials and decalcomanie designs. Engravings, Chromos and Picture Frames." From text: "O'Brien's Art Emporium.--There is no city in the United States which, to-day, in proportion to its age and population, can boast of so large a number, such hard-working, and such talented artists as t...
  • Chicago National Bank
    Image | 1902 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "When the new building of the Chicago National Bank was projected it was aimed to produce a structure which would immediately suggest to the observer that it was a bank. How well that idea has been carried out by Jenney & Mundie, the architects, it needs but a glance at the bank building to show. Of the Corinthian order of architecture, with ninety feet front on...
  • Union League Club of Chicago
    Image | 1888 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "The purposes of the Union League Club of Chicago (which was incorporated in 1879 …) are to encourage and promote by moral, social and political influence, unconditional loyalty to the Federal Government, and to defend and protect the integrity and prosperity of this Nation
  • Washington Park Club
    Image | 1888 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "The objects of the organization called the Washington Park Club, which was incorporated in 1883, are to promote good fellowship among its members by providing a club house and pleasure grounds for their entertainment where at all times they may meet for social intercourse, and to encourage, by providing the proper facilities, raising, improving, breeding, trainin...
  • Father Jacques Marquette
    Image | 1933 | Picture ChicagoCaption: "Father Jaques (sic) Marquette, S. J."
  • Pullman Building
    Image | 1891 | Picture ChicagoFrom text: "In height it corresponds to the Virginia Hotel, corner Rush and Ohio Streets, and the Pullman and Studebaker Buildings on Michigan Avenue--140 feet."