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  1. AALS Section on Family and Juvenile Law Publications (Born Digital Records), 2001, 2005, 2008-10, 2016-17

    Born Digital Records from the AALS Section on Family and Juvenile Law Publications contain calls for relevant papers to be presented at upcoming annual meeting sessions and copies of newsletters pertaining to the activities and administration of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Section on Juvenile Law. Detailed information about available electronic contents...
  2. Born Digital and Digital Surrogates from the AALL's Legal History and Rare Book SIS Publications, 1991-1998, 2001-

    Born digital and digital surrogates from the AALL's Legal History and Rare Book Special Interest Section (LH & RB-SIS) Publications contain digitized and born digital copies of newsletters, articles, reports, meeting minutes, and agenda concerning legal history, special collections cataloging, and the activities of the Legal History & Rare Books Special Interest Section of t...
  3. Born Digital Records from the Gen X/Gen Y Caucus Files, 2004, 2007-13

    Born Digital Records from the Gen X/Gen Y Caucus Files contain newsletters (Minding the Gap, 2009-10), surveys (2004, 2008) and annual reports (2011- ) concerning generations in Law Librarianship as well as the activities and announcements of the Gen X/Gen Y Caucus of the American Association of Law Libraries.
  4. Cataloging Advisory Committee File, 1974-1993, 2008-10

    Born digital files from the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) Cataloging Advisory Committee File contain "Title and Statement of Responsibility," "Subject Headings," Notes," and "Name and Title Access Points" publications from the Committee's Cataloging Exhibition Publications: Best Practices series pertaining to best practices in cataloging publications tha...
  5. College of Law

    With the significant resources of a major research university, the expertise of world-renowned faculty members, and a variety of special program opportunities, the College of Law consistently ranks among the top law schools in the country and among the top 10 public law schools. Backed by the prestigious reputation of the University of Illinois, the College of Law resides o...
  6. Communicable Disease Materials: Smallpox notice (Digital Surrogates), 1938

    Digital surrogate from the Communicable Disease Materials: smallpox notice, include a digitized notice posted on campus in late February of 1938 concerning vaccination requirements for students after 10 cases of smallpox appeared in the Twin Cities. Original print in record series 33/1/806.
  7. Born digital records from the AALL Council of Chapter Presidents File, 2006-10

    Born Digital Records from the AALL Council of Chapter Presidents file contain annual reports concerning the Council's yearly Chapter visits, training sessions, and other activities.
  8. Born Digital records from the AALL’s Social Responsibilities Special Interest Section Files, 1996-97, 2005, 2007-10

    Born Digital records from the AALL's Social Responsibilities Special Interest Section (SR-SIS) Files include minutes of the American Association of Law Libraries SR-SIS Annual Business Meetings relating to financial and administrative issues as well as activities of the Standing Committees on educational programs, lesbian and gay issues, and service to institutional resident...
  9. Jornal do Brasil: Suplemento Dominical

    Content extracted from optical media (10 DVD-Roms) representing the Jornal do Brasil. Electronic Reproduction. June 3, 1956-Dec 30, 1961. [Rio de Janeiro] : Centro de Pesquisa e Documentação do Jornal do Brasil, 2007. 10 DVD discs
  10. Kenneth Gaburo Papers, 1936, 1945-93

    Papers of Kenneth Gaburo (1926-93), Professor of Music (1955-68) contain correspondence, published and manuscript musical compositions, sound recordings, motion picture and video recordings, and photographs relating to his compositions and performances, Lingua Press music publishing business, and his New Music Choral Ensemble performance group, Univeristy of California San D...
  11. Jack Linker American Bands Sound Recording Collection, ca. 1895-1939

    Consists of two hundred and twenty commercially produced 10- and 12-inch 78 rpm sound recordings, sixteen 7-, 5 1/2-, and 4-inch 78 rpm sound recordings, and one hundred seventy-two historic 2- and 4-minute cylinder recordings documenting performances by the Sousa, Pryor, Herbert, Goldman, Gilmore and RCA Victor bands, among others, made between 1895 and 1923. In addition is...
  12. Jay Gilmore Sims Papers, 1913-1957

    Programs, a published tribute to John Philip Sousa, Sousa Band route sheets, and articles documenting both Jay Sims' career as a cornetist with the Sousa Band's performances at Willow Grove, PA in 1919 and Sousa Band performances. Of particular interest are the Sousa Band route sheets that provide information regarding the dates and locations of the band's performances from...
  13. Energy Biosciences Institute

    The Energy Biosciences Institute (EBI), largest public-private partnership of its kind in the world, was created in 2007 to address one of the 21st Century’s greatest challenges – finding a technological solution to the problems associated with climate change, global warming, and the rising price and diminishing supplies of carbon-based fossil fuels. The partner institution...
  14. Library Photographs and Slides (Born Digital Records and Digital Surrogates), 2003, 2007

    Born Digital Records and Digital Surrogates from the Library Photographs and Slides, contain images of the Ricker Architecture Library Project (ca. 2003), the acquisition of the University Library's 10 Millionth Volume (2007), and the Printers Marks Windows.
  15. Edward W. Shineman Jr. Sound Recording Collection, ca. 1900-1935

    Consists of the personal collection of Edward W. Shineman, containing 12", 10" and 6" 78 LPs from the early twentieth century. In addition, contains brief correspondence between Shineman and Herbert L. Clarke. Also contains sheet music of various band pieces.
  16. Elbern H."Eddie" Alkire Personal Papers and Music Instrument Collection, 1926-1997

    Consists of original and published music, business records, correspondence, instructional guides and music examinations, programs, sound recordings, photographs, electrical and mechanical diagrams for several prototype Hawaiian guitars, music instrument catalogs, four original prototype Hawaiian guitars including the first 15-string acoustic guitar, Cruiser, Mini Surfer, and...
  17. Football Games Films and Videotapes (Audiovisual Digital Surrogates), 1942-1990

    Audiovisual Digital Surrogates from the Football Game Films and Videotapes contains digitized video tapes of Illinois football games highlights. Digitized video recordings include the following games: the Rose Bowl game against the University of Washington, 1/1/1964 (2 videos); Illinois vs Great Lakes, 11/ 21/1942 (1 video); Illinois vs Minnesota, 10/15/1955 (1 video); Illin...
  18. Small Homes Council Technical Notes (Digital Surrogates)

    Digital Surrogates from the Small Homes Council Technical Notes, includes digitized technical Notes issued by the Small Homes Council-Building Research Council including Prevention and Treatment of Construction Damage to Shade Trees (TN-1: 1965); Built-up Roofing Details (TN-2: 1966, 1970, 1981); Insulation for Heating (TN-3: 1969, 1977); Converting a Concrete Slab to a Wood...
  19. President E. James General Correspondence (Digital Surrogates), 1908, 1912-1918

    Digital Surrogates from the President E. James General Correspondence contain digitized typewritten letters, speeches, handwritten letters, telegrams, and event programs, related primarily to the visit of the Chinese ambassador to campus and his speech in the 1908 commencement ceremony, students sent to the University by the Chinese government, the Chinese Students' Alliance...
  20. Nick Kaufman Collection of American Wind Band and Orchestra Sound Recordings, ca. 1897-1923

    Consists of 7-inch, 8-inch,10-inch, and 12-inch 78 rpm audio recordings of performances by the John Philip Sousa Band, Arthur Pryor Band, Herbert L. Clarke Band, Sir Harry Lauder Band, and the Victor Military Band that were issued between ca. 1897 and 1923. In addition there are recordings of the International Concert Orchestra and the Bohumir Kryl Bohemine Band.
  21. University Bands Tape Recordings, 1942-1987

    Consists of reel to reel audio recordings of performances and recording sessions of University Bands, from 1940-1987, including master tapes for LP recordings. The primary recording location for concerts is the Krannert Center for Performing Arts, with rehearsals primarily recorded at the Harding Band Building; generally, if recorded elsewhere, the location is noted in the r...
  22. Esquisse du Bassin du Zambèse
    Image | 1878

  23. Africa as Divided by Treaty
    Image | 1893

  24. Africa
    Image | 1894

  25. Afrika
    Image | 1802

  26. Afrika
    Image | 1802