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  1. Birdseye View of Urbana, 1869
    Image | 1869

  2. Map, Urbana, Illinois

    Map of west side of Urbana, Illinois.
  3. Map, Urbana, Illinois

    Map of east side of Urbana, Illinois.
  4. Africa
    Image | 1869

  5. Le Tekna et L'Ouad-Noun
    Image | 1869

  6. Kinzie's residence
    Image | 1869

    From text: "The first white man who became a permanent settler here was Mr. John Kinzie, an Indian trader, who crossed the lake from St. Joseph, Michigan, in 1804. He was the founder of the commerce of Chicago … Outside the fort Chicago then consisted of but five houses: first, Mr. Kinzie's, on the north side of the river, opposite the fort..."
  7. Fort Dearborn
    Image | 1869

    From text: "About this time the first fort was erected--a common frontier block-house, which was situated near the site of Rush street bridge, on the south side of the river."
  8. Chicago Water Works
    Image | 1869

    From text: "… it was not until Monday, March 25th, 1867, that the water was let into the tunnel to flow through the water pipes and hydrants of the city. On that day the new water works were formally inaugurated by the laying of the corner stone of the new tower, situated about half a block west of the old tower, and since completed to a total height of 130 feet, standing on...
  9. Chamber of Commerce
    Image | 1869

    and above this the grand hall, where the members of the Board of Trade assemble daily. The building is surmounted by a Mansard roof, pierced with oval windows, the corners ornamented with urns. The entrance consists of four handsome Corinthian columns, from which spring three arches supporting a handsome balcony, underneath which a broad flight of stairs leads to the first...
  10. Chicago harbor
    Image | 1869

    From text: "In 1833 Congress made the first appropriation of $30,000 to improve the harbor. The north pier was run out a short distance and a light-house erected. An embankment was made to cut off the river from her old channel, which had previously emptied into the lake near the foot of Madison street. This work was commenced in the summer of 1833, and vigorously pushed ...
  11. University of Chicago
    Image | 1869

    From text: "University of Chicago [i]s located within four miles of the Court House, and on the route of the Cottage Grove horse-cars, within a few steps of the shores of Lake Michigan. It is conducted under the auspices of the Baptist denomination, but is founded on a broad and liberal basis. It is built on a beautiful tract of ground donated by Hon. S. A. Douglas. It wa...
  12. Christian Brothers Academy
    Image | 1869

    From text: "The Academy of the Christian Brothers, on Van Buren street, near Clark, was first opened in the spring of 1868, and has already achieved a very high and deserved celebrity. In the Order of the Christian Brothers, founded for the purpose of devoting themselves to the education of youth, the members are trained especially to fulfill the duties of teachers. How we...
  13. Rush Medical College
    Image | 1869

    From text: "Located on the corner of Indiana and North Dearborn street, was established in 1843. The new building, erected in 1857 at a cost of $70,000, is one of the finest educational structures in the West. The College possesses a large and well-selected library, besides ample chemical apparatus, a laboratory, and a museum filled with every needed means of illustration ...
  14. First Baptist Church
    Image | 1869

    From text: "First Baptist Church, Wabash av., cor. Hubbard court."
  15. Chicago Tribune building
    Image | 1869

    From text: "The new Tribune building [i]s, in every respect, a model of beauty, convenience and comfort, and an ornament to the city. It is located on the corner of Madison and Dearborn streets. It fronts 72 feet on Dearborn, by 121 feet on Madison street, and covers an area of 8,712 square feet. The building is constructed entirely of fire proof materials. It is four st...
  16. Merchants Insurance Company building
    Image | 1869

    From text: "One of the most stately and beautiful edifices in the United States, is the new building of the Merchants Insurance company of Chicago, on the northwest corner of LaSalle and Washington streets. It is five stories in height, and has a frontage of ninety-six and one-third feet on LaSalle street, and a frontage of one hundred and eleven and a half feet on Washingt...
  17. Marine Company building
    Image | 1869

    The Marine Company of Chicago, a bank and foreign exchange dealer, was located at the corner of LaSalle and Lake streets.
  18. Merchants' Farmers', and Mechanics' Savings Bank
    Image | 1869

    From text: "We give a view of the building occupied by the Merchants', Farmers and Mechanics' Savings Bank, No. 13 Clark street. This institution was chartered in 1861, and in 1864 removed to its present very appropriate and convenient edifice. The institution is in a highly flourishing condition, and is deservedly popular.""
  19. Commercial Insurance Company's Building
    Image | 1869

    Lettering in illustration reads: "Commercial Insurance Company's Building 160 & 162 Washington St. Chicago." Text reads: "We have become so accustomed to look eastward for successful and reliable insurance companies, that we often overlook those at our own doors, which, in all the essentials of solvency, are the peers of any in the land. Among these the Commercial Insuranc...
  20. First National Bank Building
    Image | 1869

    The First National Bank was located at the southwest corner of State and Washington streets.
  21. McVicker's Theatre
    Image | 1869

    and will accommodate about 2,000 people. The exterior, of which an engraving is presented on another page, presents a handsome front on Madison street. The interior arrangements are most complete and admirable. The seats are handsomely furnished, easy, and comfortable, affording an excellent view of the stage from all parts of the house. The stage is of an immense size, ...
  22. Michigan Southern R. R. Depot
    Image | 1869

    From text: "The Michigan Southern, and Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific trains start from the same depot on Van Buren, opposite LaSalle street."
  23. Tremont House
    Image | 1869

    From text: "The visitor to Chicago can not fail to be attracted by the splendid and massive structure of the Tremont House, which is centrally located on the corner of Dearborn and Lake streets. This hotel is widely known as one of the most spacious and agreeable in the West. The internal arrangements admirably harmonize with the inviting aspect of the exterior. The Tremo...
  24. O'Brien's Art Emporium
    Image | 1869

    Text in illustration reads: "O'Brien's Art Emporium, 51 State St., Chicago. Artist's materials and decalcomanie designs. Engravings, Chromos and Picture Frames." From text: "O'Brien's Art Emporium.--There is no city in the United States which, to-day, in proportion to its age and population, can boast of so large a number, such hard-working, and such talented artists as t...
  25. Steins Bazaar
    Image | 1869

    Text in illustration reads: "81 83 City of Paris. Bazaar. M. Campbell's Hair Manufactory. National Bazaar. Steins Bazaar. E. H. Stein." From text: "The City of Paris, [i]n miniature, can be seen by the visitor to Chicago at Stein's unique and elegant bazaar, No. 83 South Clark street. The collection of fancy goods, toys, and elegant ornaments he keeps in stock in this...