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  1. Sigma Nu Files (Born Digital Records), 2001-2005

    Born Digital Records from the Sigma Nu Files contain photographs, minutes, announcements, newsletters, web site pages and emails from the CDs: national Sigma Nu's Excelling with Honor Since 1869 (2001), 100th Anniversary Homecoming (2002), Gamm Mu: A 100 Year Tradition (2004), and .HTML files of the Gamma Mu Website (2002, 2005). Files have undergone minimal processing, a...
  2. University Enrollment File (Digital Surrogates and Born Digital Records), 1869 -1967, 1970, 1975 -

    Digital Surrogates and Born Digital Records from the University Enrollment File contains surveys forms and statistical data of the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and the university's Division of Management Information (DMI), concerning institutional characteristics; student enrollment statistics and degrees awarded by race/ethnicity, gender, region of...
  3. Africa
    Image | 1869

  4. Le Tekna et L'Ouad-Noun
    Image | 1869

  5. Portrait of Junius Brutus Booth
    Image | 1869

    Bust. With text: "Born May 1st 1796. Died November 30th 1852". When Booth was about 55.
  6. Solomon James Browne as Goldfinch in "Road to Ruin"
    Image | 1825

    Half-length. Wearing beaver hat, high collar.
  7. Portrait of Solomon James Browne

    Bust. Wearing vest unbuttoned. Copy of lithograph.
  8. Portrait of Monta Gainsborough

    Half-length portrait, hair in high-crown hair-do. Inscription in her hand and autograph: "High is our calling friend! Creative Art!"
  9. Robert Keeley as Innocent Lambskin in "A Woman Never Vext"
    Image | 1826

    Half-length portrait, wearing tall hat with feather.
  10. Robert Keeley as Jemmy Green in "Tom and Jerry"

    Whole-length portrait, wearing coat with tails, tall spat, hat.
  11. Robert Keeley as Nicodemus Crowquill in "Peter Wilkins"
    Image | 1829

    Whole-length portrait, wearing large hat and wide trousers.
  12. Robert Keeley as Signor Sylli in "The Maid of Honour"
    Image | 1831

    Whole-length portrait, standing, wearing short embroidered tunic and hat with very large plume.
  13. Portrait of Maude Millett and Annie Hughes as "Two Roses"

    Half-length portrait, with their arms around each other. Caption: "...unite the White Rose and the Red" -- Richard III
  14. Portrait of Drinkwater Meadows

    Portrait, bust. Tinted soft-ground etching. Autograph signature.
  15. Portrait of Drinkwater Meadows

    Whole-length portrait, in outdoor setting with trees in the background.
  16. Drinkwater Meadows as Simon Pure

    Half-length portrait, wearing hat, hands joined in front, holding a glove.
  17. Portrait of Anne Mathews (nee Jackson)

    Portrait, bust, wearing necklaces and brooch.
  18. Portrait of Ferdinand Palmo
    Image | 1872

    Portrait, bust, with long chin whiskers. Facsimile signature.
  19. Portrait of Solomon Franklin Smith

    Portrait, bust. Facsimile signature.
  20. Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). Library.

    Text with corner ornaments.