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  1. Joseph W. Royer Architectural Drawings (Digital Surrogates), 1927-1929

    Digital Surrogates from the Joseph W. Royer Architectural Drawings contain digitized architectural plans relating to blueprints of structural, heating, plumbing, and electrical features of buildings completed by Royer, Danely, and Smith Architects of Urbana, Illinois including: Zeta Tau Alpha Chapter House (Urbana), Chicago Heights (Bloom Township) High School, Illinois Wome...
  2. Samson Raphaelson Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1973

    Digital Surrogates from the Samson Raphaelson Papers contain interview transcriptions and digitized audiorecordings. Transcriptions pertain to interviews to Samson Raphaelson by Robert Carringer, concerning Raphaelson's play The Jazz Singer background and about his Hollywood Work. Original transcriptions can be found at record series 26/20/38, box 1. Audio recordings pertain...
  3. President E. James General Correspondence (Digital Surrogates), 1908, 1912-1918

    Digital Surrogates from the President E. James General Correspondence contain digitized typewritten letters, speeches, handwritten letters, telegrams, and event programs, related primarily to the visit of the Chinese ambassador to campus and his speech in the 1908 commencement ceremony, students sent to the University by the Chinese government, the Chinese Students' Alliance...
  4. Negative and Glass Plate File (Digital Surrogates)

    Negative and Glass Plate File containing negatives and glass plates of prints filed in the Photographic Subject File, RS 39/2/20 and the Bernard A. Strauch Photograph Collection, RS 26/30/2. Prints of negatives contained in this file are numbered to correspond with the number of the negative on plate.
  5. W. Elmer Ekblaw Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1914

    Digital Surrogates from the W. Elmer Ekblaw Papers, contain a digitized letter from W. Elmer Ekblaw to Miss Eva M. Shepard of Chicago concerning Ekblaw's severe frostbit of his foot during his service with the Crocker Land Expedition, detailing his injury, his recovery and reading habits during recovery, his enjoyment of letter writing, his interactions with the Inuit, his h...
  6. Africa
    Image | 1882

  7. Africa (Fisica)
    Image | 1897

  8. Carte de l'Afrique
    Image | 1852

  9. Africa
    Image | 1853

  10. Africa
    Image | 1861

  11. Afrique
    Image | 1772

  12. Africa
    Image | 1787

  13. Africa
    Image | 1640

  14. Africa
    Image | 1646

  15. Africa Antiqua et Nova
    Image | 1661

  16. Africa, North Part
    Image | 1861

  17. Egypt
    Image | 1861

  18. Egypt
    Image | 1823

  19. Africa Minor Nvova Tavola
    Image | 1564

  20. Egitto Nvova Tavola
    Image | 1564

  21. Marmarica Nvova Tavola
    Image | 1564

  22. Barbary States
    Image | 1890

  23. South Africa (Cape Colony)
    Image | 1853

  24. Africa, South Part
    Image | 1861

  25. Africa Nvova Tavola
    Image | 1564