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  1. First Oberon Attendant
    Image | 1954

    Assyria, Persia, Phrygia
  2. Hermia
    Image | 1954

    middle section is light blue with jagged white stripes
  3. Flute as Thisbe
    Image | 1954

    Costume rendering for Flute as Thisbe in Midsummer Night's Dream: white turban with gold-colored jewelry at front and brown spikes at top. White veil over nose and mouth. Knee-length, long-sleeved pink dress with white at bottom, over black tights with white stripes. White cloth tied in back to look like a cape. Black sandals.
  4. Helena
    Image | 1954

    black bracelets and sandals
  5. Starveling as the Moon
    Image | 1954

    holding tree branch from which lantern hangs in right hand.
  6. Snug as Lion
    Image | 1954

    black tights with gray stripes