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  1. Africana Fiche

    Part of the National Archives microfilm publications, the collection consists of instructions to and despatches from diplomatic and consular officials in African countries.
  2. Albert Lee Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1912, 1917-1928

    Digital surrogates from the Albert Lee Papers (1912, 1917-28) contain digitized materials from the personal papers of Albert Lee (1874-1948), Chief Clerk of the President's Office (1920-42). Digitized materials include correspondence, event programs, notes and memoranda, relating to the admission, housing and placement of African American students; organizational and adminis...
  3. Amos Kennedy Collection

    The Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., Collection in the Rare Book & Manuscript Library of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign contains artists’ books, postcards, and posters. Kennedy is a letterpress printer, papermaker, book artist, and teacher who currently lives and works in York, Alabama. He was the first artist in residence at The Coleman Center for Arts and Culture, a...
  4. Bowen Chronicle

    The Bowen Chronicle was a weekly newspaper serving the western-most regions of central Illinois. Published in Bowen, Illinois, a town known for agriculture, poultry, and live stock raising, the Bowen Chronicle was distributed throughout Hancock county. Subscribers could expect to find information on news, market reports, local gossip, short stories, and advice columns. Cover...
  5. Maps of Africa to 1900

    The Maps of Africa to 1900 digital collection contains images of maps listed in the bibliography Maps of Africa to 1900: A Checklist of Maps in Atlases and Geographical Journals in the Collections of the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Bassett & Scheven, Urbana: Graduate School of Library and Information Science, 2000). As such, this collection mines not only the L...
  6. The Broad Ax

    The Broad Ax began as a weekly publication founded, published and edited by former Virginia slave Julius F. Taylor. The newspaper began in Salt Lake City in 1895 but disputes with the Latter-Day Saints led Taylor to move his publication to Chicago in 1899, where he continued his focus on being "Democratic in politics, advocating the immortal principles of Jefferson and Jacks...
  7. Penguins on Dassen Island, near Capetown, South Africa

    Black and white stereograph slide T245 from series "Tour of the World".
  8. Africa
    Image | 1850

  9. Africa
    Image | 1820

  10. Africa
    Image | 1508

  11. Africa
    Image | 1546

  12. Africa
    Image | 1578

  13. Africa
    Image | 1612

  14. Africa
    Image | 1620

  15. Africa
    Image | 1621

  16. Africa
    Image | 1640

  17. Africa
    Image | 1646

  18. Africa
    Image | 1677

  19. Africa
    Image | 1677

  20. Africa
    Image | 1677

  21. Africa
    Image | 1679

  22. Africa
    Image | 1680

  23. Africa
    Image | 1688

  24. Africa
    Image | 1692

  25. Africa
    Image | 1700

  26. Africa
    Image | 1701

  27. Africa
    Image | 1702

  28. Africa
    Image | 1702

  29. Africa
    Image | 1705

  30. Africa
    Image | 1708