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  1. Hubbard, Elbert, 1856-1915

    Black ink on ivory paper. Depicts a mirrored image of men back-to-back, reading within arches
  2. Hubbard, Elbert, 1856-1915

    Leaves and grapes
  3. Tobey, Caroline

    Robed figure, illuminated by rays from star in upper right corner (or representing aurora borealis?) contemplates heavens (Saturn, etc.)
  4. Planche XCVI

    Écriture italienne du Xe siècle.
  5. Planche XCVIII

    Écriture du commencement du XIIe siècle.
  6. Students at Vet Exam
    Image | 2014

    Undergraduate students Sandra Carolina Jimenez and Chamia Chatman perform some tests on a Sheltie (small Collie dog breed) named Aurora; using a stethoscope to check heartbeat rate, rhythm and listening for murmurs.
  7. Aurora Public Library
    Image | 1909

    Aurora Public Library, Aurora, Ill.
  8. Aurora Public Library
    Image | 2007

    Aurora Public Library, Aurora, Ill. ""City of Lights.""
  9. Charles B. Phillips Library, Aurora, IL

    CHARLES B. PHILLIPS LIBRARY AURORA COLLEGE--AUORA, ILLINOIS Completed in 1962, this building has special facilities for music listening, group study, film viewing, social activities and informal worship. It is equipped for 100,000 volumes.
  10. Photographic print of the Lincoln Home made from glass plate negative

    Black and white photograph of the Lincoln Home made from glass plate negative. Photo showing on man and two children standing at south corner of house, and one person sitting on steps. Photograph is oval mounted on rectangular paper backing. Gold rings surround picture. "D.C. Pratt Photographic Artist, Aurora, Illinois" embossed on back. Photo probably taken from a neighbor'...
  11. The Spirit of Our Boys
    Image | 2 pages