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  1. Afrika
    Image | 1864

  2. Revenge! Workingmen, to arms!!!
    Image | 1889

    Caption: "The famous "Revenge" circular." German title: "Rache! Rache! Arbeiter, zu den Waffen!"
  3. Call for the Haymarket Meeting
    Image | 1889

    Text in English and German. Partial transcription: "Attention Workingmen! Great mass-meeting to-night, at 7.30 o'clock at the Haymarket, Randolph St., bet. Desplaines and Halstead. Achtung Arbeiter! Grosse Massen-Versammlung heute Abend, halb 8 Uhr, auf dem Heumarkt, Randolph-Strasse. zwifchen Desplaines u. Halsted-Str."
  4. August Spies
    Image | 1886

    From text: "August Spies is a pale-faced, intellectual-looking German, thirty-six years of age. He was born in Hessia and came to this country in 1873. He has been a Socialist all his life, and started a newspaper in support of that cause in 1879. His paper was called the Arbeiter Zeitung, and a sheet was never published which contained matter more revolutionary to the law...
  5. A. R. Parsons
    Image | 1886

    From text: A. R. Parsons is a medium sized, slimly built man, with a light mustache. By trade he is a printer. He is well educated, thoroughly posted on Socialism, and a fluent and stirring speaker. Unlike Spies, he is cool and calculating, and in his most rabid and inflammatory speeches weighed every word. He was the editor of the Alarm, an English edition of the Arbei...
  6. Michael Schwab
    Image | 1886

    From text: Michael Schwab is a German, past thirty-five years of age. He was assistant editor of the Arbeiter Zeitung, and a speaker on all occasions of meetings of Anarchists. He always addressed his countrymen in German.
  7. Planche CLXIX 1

    Écriture de la fin du XIIe siècle.
  8. Haim Einav Interview

    Einav discusses his experience during the battle.
  9. Yitzchak Moore Interview (Part I)

    Moore discusses his background as an engineer during World War II, how the brigade was organized and the first battle at Latrun, Bin Nun I.
  10. Yitzchak Moore Interview (Part II)

    Moore discusses the experience of laying the road to Jerusalem.