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  1. John Starr Stewart Ex Libris Collection

    The John Starr Stewart Ex Libris Collection comprises some 1500 plates, each mounted on an individual card. Each card has a specially designed printed form mounted on the verso upon which Mr. Stewart inserted notes about the owner, designer, or subject of the plate. Besides bookplates, the collection contains book stamps and spine labels, especially from institutional librar...
  2. Pawlik, Eugen

    A naked woman with coronet in a rural landscape holds a figurine of a Roman soldier in her hand.
  3. Hägler, Elmer E.

  4. Mayer, Brantz

    Shelf with books and candle
  5. Paget

    Escutcheon parted per pale. Dexter, sable on a cross engrailed between four eagles displayed argent five lions passant guardant of the field. Sinister, ermine, two chevronels azure. Crest: with a demi-lion gorged with a coronet.
  6. Spohn, Howard L.

    Printed in brown and black. Books candle and open_file stamp (or bookplate) album, within dark border with tracery design.
  7. Unidentified

    Coat of arms: Spade shield charged with three bulls' heads. Crest: on a mural crown, a wolf [?] sejant semé of annulets. Motto: nec beneficii immemor nec iniuriae (Forgetful neither of kindness nor injury)
  8. Horton, Elizabeth Rivers
    Image | 1921

    text on banners.
  9. Austin, Grace J. (Grace Jewett), 1872-1948
    Image | 1910

    Tree with fruit.
  10. Michigan State Library.

    crested by, an American eagle, displayed.
  11. Nebraska. State library.

    steamboat on river behind, train on other side of river.
  12. New Jersey Traveling Library

    Black ink on beige paper with a version of New Jersey's state seal. Library rules.
  13. New York State Library.

    supported by female figures of Liberty and Justice.
  14. State Library of Pennsylvania

    supported by two horses rampant.
  15. Vermont State Library.

    crested with stag's head.
  16. Conkling, Edgar, 1812-1881.
    Image | 1846

    Black ink on beige paper with a 89x113 mm image of Edgar Conkling. The image is outlined by a very thin border.
  17. Hubbard, Elbert, 1856-1915

  18. University of California, Berkeley. Library.
    Image | 1903

    trees with exposed roots on either side.
  19. University of California, Berkeley. Library.

    Black ink on beige paper. Contains two hooded angels holding lit torches and supporting an open_file book with wreath. They are seated on grass and flowers. The designer's cipher appears under the open_file book.
  20. Connecticut State Library
    Image | 1901

    Grey ink on white paper containing the seal of Connecticut superimposed over images of a large building, a house, a tree and two scrolls. The originator's name is encased by border of acorns.
  21. Dixson, Zella Allen, 1858-1924
    Image | 1901

    books and documents with lit candle below.
  22. Tinkler, John
    Image | 1893

    small shield parted quarterly with ant, beaver, bee and bird.
  23. Allen, Charles Dexter, 1865-1926.

    Black ink on cream paper. Contains entwined leaves of two flowers on either side of and supporting an open_file book, all within a thick, black border.
  24. Elliott, Will M.

    Flowers and scrollwork around an open_file book within a heart. Black ink on beige paper.
  25. Anderle, Franc
    Image | 1902

    Gold ink on beige paper. Contains 4-bar musical score above an image of a river valley, a bridge, and a telescope.
  26. Seldon, Elizabeth Canfield
    Image | 1903

    Grey ink on off white paper. Two columns and banner.
  27. Bancroft.

    Coat of arms. Eschutcheon: or (gold) three garbs (sheaves) in a bend azure (blue) between 6 Jerusalem crosses of the same. Crest: a garb flanked by wings. Motto: Dat deus incrementum (God gives the increase).
  28. Barker, E. H. L.

    Dark red ink on cream paper. Diamond-shaped shield supported by dog rampant. Motto on ribbon below left of the shield.
  29. Smith College. Library.

    Dark grey ink on beige paper. Bookplate has a highly decorated background and contains an image of L. Clark Seelye.
  30. Robertson, A. J.

    Black ink on beige paper with the image of a smiling sun in the center. Underneath the sun is a half-wreath of flowers with the bow containing the originator's motto.