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  1. Chicago Public Library Bookmobile

    Stair Lobby of Public Library, Chicago, ILL
  2. Chicago Public Library Bookmobile
    Image | 1911

    Delivery Room, The Chicago Public Library
  3. Omaha Public Library
    Image | 2010

    W. Dale Clark Library, Omaha, Nebraska
  4. Abington Township Public Library Bookmobile
    Image | 1986

    Abington Township Public Library offers its patrons a new and up-dated service with this 4000 volume Bookmobile, built by the GERSTENSLAGER CO., WOOSTER, OHIO.
  5. Louisiana State Library Bookmobile
    Image | 2008

    Bookmobile Louisiana State Library
  6. Bookmobile, Madison
    Image | 2008

    Wisconsin Free Library Commission State Capitol, Madison Wisconsin Inquire about a bookmobile exhibit or project for your area, made possible in Wisconsin by a Federal-grants program to the Commission.
  7. Little Rock Public Library Bookmobile
    Image | 2008

    Little Rock Public Library Traveling Branch
  8. Louisiana Bookmobile
    Image | 2008

    The Bookmobile, Bringing the Library to the People, Louisiana Bookmobile, circa 1950
  9. Chicago Public Library Bookmobile

    During World War II the Legler Library bookmobile made regular stops at factories on Chicago's West Side. (Photograph circa 1943)
  10. Gadsden Public Library, Gadsden, Alabama - Back of Postcard
    Image | 1968

    Stamped: Oct 17, 1968, Library