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  1. Sjoerd Koopman Library Postcard Collection

    The Sjoerd Koopman Library Postcard Collection includes pictorial and photographic postcards of libraries throughout the United States and Europe. Subjects include public libraries, private libraries, academic libraries, library interiors, reading rooms, and bookmobiles. Collection size: approximately 535 items.
  2. Greenville County Public Library, South Carolina
    Image | 2010

    GREENVILLE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY, Greenville, S. C., Greenville County's two million dollar public library is located in the civic Center, adjacent to downtown. The four-story pass1 building is part of a library system consisting of six branches and five bookmobiles. Color photo by Joe F. Jordan
  3. Abington Township Public Library Bookmobile
    Image | 1986

    Abington Township Public Library offers its patrons a new and up-dated service with this 4000 volume Bookmobile, built by the GERSTENSLAGER CO., WOOSTER, OHIO.
  4. Louisiana State Library Bookmobile
    Image | 2008

    Bookmobile Louisiana State Library
  5. Ryerson Library, Grand Rapids, MI
    Image | 2008

    Ryerson Library in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition to this pass1 library there are four branch libraries and two ""bookmobiles."" The total number of volumes exceeds 376, 500.
  6. Bookmobile, Madison
    Image | 2008

    Wisconsin Free Library Commission State Capitol, Madison Wisconsin Inquire about a bookmobile exhibit or project for your area, made possible in Wisconsin by a Federal-grants program to the Commission.
  7. Little Rock Public Library Bookmobile
    Image | 2008

    Little Rock Public Library Traveling Branch
  8. Louisiana Bookmobile
    Image | 2008

    The Bookmobile, Bringing the Library to the People, Louisiana Bookmobile, circa 1950
  9. Minneapolis Public Library (1)
    Image | 2010

    MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. PUBLIC LIBRARY, The Minneapolis Public Library, containing more than a million books, published reports, manuscripts, etc., serves county residents with 15 branches and three Bookmobiles. Facilities include a Planetarium, Science Museum and Rare Book Exhibit.
  10. Chicago Public Library Bookmobile

    During World War II the Legler Library bookmobile made regular stops at factories on Chicago's West Side. (Photograph circa 1943)
  11. Dale County War Memorial Library
    Image | 2008

    Dale County War Memorial Library, Ozark, Alabama. Large beautiful library serves Dale County and is headquarters for Dale, Henry and Pike County with five member libraries and two bookmobiles. Has large book collection, attractively furnished rooms and is center of varied communities activities. Built in 1956, dedicated to Dr. Lawrence Reynolds with annex added in 1959.