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  1. Insurance maps of East St. Louis, Illinois. Volume 2
    Multi-Page Item | 93 pages | 1905

    title page, key map, and street index on 3 unnumbered sheets.
  2. South Wilmington, Grundy County, Illinois, March 1910
    Multi-Page Item | 4 pages | 1910

    Also shows factories, commercial occupancy of buildings, property boundaries and house and block numbers.
  3. Wacker Monument in Graceland Cemetery
    Image | 1893

    Caption: "Graceland.--Monument of Frederick and Catharine Wacker." From text: "Before the close of the year 1893 the number of the silent inhabitants of the necropolis Graceland will have reached 60,000. This cemetery is justly famed as one of the finest among Chicago's cities of the dead, and occupies a similar rank here as does Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, Spring Gro...
  4. Harry Stark Murdoch and Claude De Blenau Burroughs on sheet music cover commemorating the Brooklyn Theatre fire of 1876

    Two bust portraits on music sheet: "Weeping for Lost Ones, or Brooklyn Fire. Song and Chorus, by C. A. White."
  5. Grave and monument of Benjamin A. Baker

    Grave and monument, Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, N. Y.
  6. Davis, Frederick Willis
    Image | 1907

    On right, text with coat of arms. Escutcheon: ermine, a chevron gules (red) between three cinqfoils. Crest: a demi lion rampant between his paws a cinqfoil. Motto: Quo fata vocant (Whither the fates call)
  7. Toedteberg, Augustus, 1823 or 4-1909

    Black ink on ivory paper. Contains image of a forest with two trees in the foreground. In the background, a statue of a figure with upraised arm, erected upon the domed top of a building. Roundel inset portrait of ancient German warrior, Teutobochus.
  8. Stone, Wilbur Macey

    Books and papers
  9. Stone, Pauline

    Woman in black with white head covering with fruit from tree. Artist's mark: 'D' in a circle.
  10. Stone, Wilbur Macey

    Sword? with roping? Artist's monogram.
  11. Stone, Wilbur Macey; Stone, Lillian Newton
    Image | 1897

    Text on wood boards
  12. Stone, Lillian Newton
    Image | 1898

    Plants stylized as ironwork with text in among them.
  13. Stone, Wilbur Macey
    Image | 1901

  14. Darlington, James Henry, 1856-1930

    Two women (Theology and Science) shake hands under symbol of the Holy Spirit
  15. Gilead Library
    Image | 2010

    Gilead Library Building, as viewed across the campus from Gilead's pass1 auditorium. Here one may learn much concerning the purpose of Jehovah God the Creator. In the foreground winter snow blankets the amphitheater, which is used in milder seasons for training in outdoor public speaking.
  16. New York Public Library
    Image | 2010

    40th. West of 5th Ave., facing Library and Bryant Park, New York.
  17. Central Building, Brooklyn Public Library
    Image | 1957

    The headquarters of a public library system serving a population of nearly 3,000,000 people.
  18. Brooklyn Public Library
    Image | 1960

    ""The Circulation Hall of Ingersoll Building offers easy access to card catalogs, book charging, and information desks, and subject divisions."" Postcard was never mailed.
  19. University of Michigan Library
    Image | 1952

    General Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  20. Gilead Bible School Library
    Image | 2010

    Library Building of Gilean Bible School. This building, called ""Shiloah"", houses one of the most specialized and complete reference libraries for Bible study. It contains over 6,000 volumes that have been carefully selected to aid the ministers of Gilead in their Theocratic research.
  21. Public Library
    Image | 2013

  22. Edwardsville Public Library

    Public Library, Edwardsville, ILL