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  1. AALS Section on Children and the Law Publications (Born Digital Records), 2008-2014

    Born Digital Records from the AALS Section on Children and the Law Publications contain copies of newsletters concerning events, publications, academic discussions and administration of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Section on Children and the Law Publications. Detailed information about available electronic contents is listed here: http://www.library.ill...
  2. Digital surrogates from the ALA 100th Anniversary Slide Show Records, 1876-1976

    Digital surrogates from the ALA 100th Anniversary Slide Show Records contain 881 digitized images included in a film loop concerning the first 100 years of the American Library Association (ALA). Images include prominent librarians, different library facilities, librarian services, adult and children users, exhibits, and ALA logos, as well as film credits. An access copy of...
  3. Digital surrogates from the Association for Library Services to Children Publications Records, 2006, 2011

    Digital surrogates from the Association for Library Services to Children Publications Records contains a copy of Association for Library Services to Children (ALSC) CDs, including "Every Child Ready To Read @ Your Library" (2011), a project of ALA's ALSC and the Public Library Association (PLA), including PowerPoint presentation, training and recommendation handouts, forms, ...
  4. Audiovisual Digital Surrogates from Intellectual Freedom TV Broadcasts video recordings, 1988, 1997, 2001-2003

    Audiovisual Digital Surrogates from Intellectual Freedom TV Broadcasts video recordings, contain eight digitized press and service announcements, news spots and interview segments relating to concerns and controversies about freedom of speech, intellectual freedom and censorship in public and school libraries. Subjects cover Banned Book Week; book censorship at schools and p...
  5. Bernard A. Strauch Photograph Collection (Digital Surrogates)

    Bernard A. Strauch Photographic Collection, including prints, negatives and plates relating to student activities, building, campus scenes, colleges, conferences, commencements, interscholastic circus, bands, faculty, military, alumni reunions, Champaign and Urbana, student organizations, presidents and visitors. Other Strauch photographs relating to athletic activities and ...
  6. Born digital records from the Barbara J. Ford Papers, 1995-1998

    Born digital records from the Barbara J. Ford Papers contain webpage elements including photographs, logos, statements, announcements, schedules and journal notes, comprised in the first website premiered by the Barbara J. Ford Electronic Campaign Headquarters (1995). Barbara Ford was the first ALA Presidential candidate to reach out to the membership of the American Library...
  7. Born digital records from the Children's Programming Monthly File, 2011-2013

    Born digital records from the Children's Programming Monthly File, contain copies of published issues from Vol. 1 No. 0 through Vol. 3 No. 12. Children's Programming Monthly is a booklet relating to suggested educational programs and activities for children from preschool to grade 3. Each issue centers on a specific subject and involves primarily bestselling children's books...
  8. CDMS Issuances and Reports (Born Digital Records and Digital Surrogates), 1984, 2003-2011

    Born Digital Records and Digital Surrogates from the CDMS Issuances and Reports contain electronic copies of CDMS' (Center on Democracy in a Multiracial Society) events promotional posters and brochures; and research reports' illustrated covers, concerning ethnic and racial diversity on campus, academic perspectives on ethnic diversity and discrimination, racial discriminati...
  9. American Library Association Archives Posters

    Oversized posters, rotogravures and architectural drawings of ALA divisions, committees and projects. The file includes posters of Library War Service (1917-18), Hospital Library Service (1918-19), 50th Anniversary (1926), Reading Campaigns (1920's), W.P.A. Library Service Program (1935) and Andrew Carnegie Centenary (1935), Victory Book Campaign (1943) and World War II in g...
  10. Great Lakes Quality Improvement Center for Disabilities Records (Digital Surrogates), 1998-2003

    Digital Surrogates from the Great Lakes Quality Improvement Center for Disabilities Records, contain pictures, presentation slides, and conceptual guidelines concerning Head Start programs for Americans with disabilities; inclusion and educational programs for children with disabilities; as well as training of health and education professionals. Digital materials also includ...
  11. Marilyn Pflederer Zimmerman Papers, 1949-2002

    Consists of unpublished drafts of research articles, research notes, lecture and book chapters; course syllabi and lecture notes for courses taught both at the University of Illinois and other colleges and universities; programs for conferences and symposia in which Zimmerman participated; unpublished drafts of papers by other authors Zimmerman consulted in her research; and...
  12. School of Social Work

    The School of Social Work is dedicated to achieving excellence in professional education, research that informs social work practice and social policy, and public engagement. We emphasize three themes: research-based practice, a commitment to diversity, and a focus on the reciprocal interactions between people and their ecological systems. We prepare MSW students for advance...
  13. Phi Kappa News (Digital Surrogates), 1929-1946, 2012

    Digital Surrogates from the Phi Kappa News contain digitized copies of the Phi Kappa newsletter, concerning member profiles, University events and buildings, chapter and student activities, athletic and academic competitions and awards, house social functions, homecoming events and the alumni association programs. News columns include reports of marriages, children and alumn...
  14. Poster Children and Salaryman Bands Records, 1988-2007

    Consists of business records, photographs, news clippings and magazine articles, correspondence, audiovisual recordings, posters, original art work, reviews, tour reports and travel logs, t-shirts, and memorabilia documenting the performances, operation, management, and sound recording production of the Poster Children and Salaryman bands, and the operation and management of...
  15. Patricia Webster Tabler Papers (Digital Surrogates), 1949-1979

    Digital Surrogates from the Patricia Webster Tabler Papers, contain digitized images of Patricia Webster Tabler's personal handwritten correspondence (in postcards, seasonal cards, scrapping and white paper); memorial obituaries; Pat Tabler Memorial Scholarship Award statement; event programs and brochures; fabric samples and newspaper clippings; concerning Patricia Webster ...
  16. Emprunt de la Défense Nationale
    Image | 1915

    A mother and her children watch a soldier wave as he heads off to war.
  17. Journée du Puy de Dome. Paquetage du Soldat 23 Janvier 1916
    Image | 1916

    Two young people carry a package through the snow.
  18. Le retour au foyer
    Image | 1917

    Two wide-eyed children, a girl and a boy holding a cat, stand in front of a ruined home.
  19. Souscrire, c’est hater son retour avec la Victoire

    An Algerian soldier hugs his wife in front of an open_file-air marketplace. His child, towing a toy cannon, holds on to the mother’s hand and looks up at him.
  20. Pour que vos enfants ne connaissent plus les horreurs de la guerre

    A mother carries her child to bed. Above the bed is a photo of the father, a soldier.
  21. Pour la France qui combat! Pour celle qui chaque jour grandit

    A soldier holds up a young child in his arms, while a mother nurses her infant in the background.
  22. L'emprunt des "Derniéres Cartouches"

    A man and young girl hand munitions to a soldier as he watches the enemy retreat.
  23. Pour le retour

    African mothers and children wave as a ship enters the harbor.
  24. Comptoir National d’Escompte de Paris
    Image | 1918

    Two French women gaze into the distance, one waves her hand.
  25. 4e Emprunt de la Défense Nationale

    A drummer-boy leads a ragged group of soldiers forward.
  26. Nous voulons. Les revendications des bébés

    Babies march with picket signs.
  27. Exposition de l'Enfance
    Image | 1918

    A child standing on a chair pastes a poster with the text onto a fence.
  28. Sauvez votre bébé! La mort le guette

    A skeletal Death peers into a nursery filled with babies.
  29. Suivez ces Conseils. Vous vivrez longtemps.

    This poster describes ways for children to stay healthy and avoid tuberculosis.
  30. Allons tous à la consultation

    A line of infants and young girls winds outside of a building labeled "Consultation."
  31. Affiche Composée par les enfants

    Wheat stalks decorate the left and right edges of this notice. This broadside accompanied 13 other posters in folder 5.
  32. Casse aujourd'hui ton sucre en deux pour en avoir demain?

    A French sword cuts through a package of sugar.
  33. Cultivons notre potager

    Potatos, cabbage, and carrots lie in a pile.
  34. Economisons le pain en mangeant des pommes de terre

    A steaming bowl of potatoes sits on a table cloth.
  35. Français, économisez le gaz.

    A gas lamp hangs from the ceiling.
  36. Fumeurs de l'arrière. Économisez le tabac pour que nos soldats n'en manquent pas

    Beneath a helmet filled with tobacco paraphernalia, a cigar sends wafts of smoke upwards.
  37. Mangez moins de viande pour ménager notre cheptel

    A fish is being pulled from the water by a fishing rod.
  38. Ne gaspiller le pain est notre devoir

    A sliced loaf of bread sits on a table.
  39. Pretez vos billets de banque a la France

    Currency falls from a helmet decorated with mistletoe.