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  1. Dziennik narodowy (Chicago, Ill.)

    Nearly forgotten today, Dziennik Narodowy ("National Daily News") was considered one of the most important newspapers of the Polish community in Chicago. Established on December 4, 1898, by members of the Polish Nationalist Party, Dziennik Narodowy remained crucial to the political education of Polish Americans until its demise in September 1923. After one year with the pape...
  2. Robert Gray Papers, Music and Instruments, 1910-2006

    Consists of papers, photographs, music, correspondence, teaching notes, research, and music instruments documenting Gray's professional music career as a trombone professor, performer, and church music director between 1940 and 2006. The collection is organized in three series: Series 1, Personal Papers, 1940-2006; Series 2, Music, 1929-1998; and Series 3, Historical Trombo...
  3. Rosalie F. Gehant Scrapbook (Digital Surrogate), 1912-1916

    Digital surrogate from the Rosalie F. Gehant Scrapbook contains digitized I-Books (1912-15), letters, memorabilia (buttons, cigars, fans, pins, purses, tickets), newspaper clippings, photographs, postcards, and programs concerning Alpha Delta Pi Sorority; Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity; concerts; commencement (1916); dances and theater plays; Dixon, IL; The Dope Sheet (1914); fa...
  4. YMCA - YWCA Student Handbooks (Digital Surrogates), 1884-85, 1888-94, 1897-1905, 1908-1954

    YMCA - YWCA student handbooks or "I Books" published by the Christian Associations for student reference and record use and including lists of YMCA and YWCA officers and committee chairmen; information on YMCA purposes, facilities, services and meetings; advice for students; library rules (1884-91), street directory (1884-92), church directory; photographs of Champaign-Urban...
  5. William Dowton as Old Mirabel and Charles Kemble as Young Mirabel in a scene from "The Inconstant"

    Scene with several figures. With text: "Oriana- 'I cannot! For I must be up and go to church.' Scene III.
  6. John Dunstall as Dominick in "The Spanish Fryar"
    Image | 1776

    Whole-length portrait, standing, holding an open box, cane under right arm. "The Spanish Fryer." With text: "They are the spoils of the wicked & the Church, endows you with 'em." Act IV, Scene 1.
  7. William Smith ("Gentleman Smith") as Phocyas in "The Siege of Damascus"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length portrait, standing outdoors, with a palm tree, a bridge, and a church in the background. With text: "Did I not hear the Murmurs of a Voice - a Woman's too?"
  8. Wilson, Bourdon Howze

    Silhouette of church dome.
  9. Wilson, Edward Bourdon

    Silhouette of church dome
  10. New Brunswick Theological Seminary. Library

    Library of New Brunswick Theological Seminary
  11. Saint-Sulpice (Church : Paris, France)

    Text within thick-thin line frame.
  12. Evangelical Lutheran Church (Springfield, Ill.)

    Text within decorative border.
  13. First Presbyterian Church (Springfield, Ill.). Sabbath School Library.

    Library rules framed by ornamental border.
  14. Pugh, Prentice Andrew, 1881-1963
    Image | 1904

    Celtic cross stands upon book between two lit candles.
  15. Third Presbyterian Church (Springfield, Ill.). Sabbath School Library.

    Text within frame with corner ornaments.
  16. Cornell College (Mount Vernon, Iowa)

    Italic text
  17. Marvin, Dwight Edwards, 1851-1940

    Within a Gothic arch, view of square towered (Norman) church and surroundings
  18. Goury, Marguerite

    Mushroom and snail in landscape with church.
  19. Swainson, C. A. (Charles Anthony), 1820-1887

    Coat of arms on seal: Escutcheon parted per pale. Dexter parted quarterly: Quarters 1 and 4 gules (red) charged with a boar's head couped, thrust through by a sword in bend, between two stars of six points argent (silver)
  20. Flint Public Library (Mich.)

    Church in snow, man hunting a stag with bow and arrow in foreground
  21. Columbia University. Library.

    Text within single line border
  22. Rikkyō Daigaku

    Seal of Saint Paul University, Tokyo. Spade shield with open_file book bearing motto ('Pro deo et patria').. Behind the seal, crossed sword, one with cross crosslet handle.
  23. Gardner, Elinor Vandegrift

    Woman plays organ in room (church?) with stained-glass window
  24. Spencer Bible Class

    Scroll on sill of arched window looking out at church tower.
  25. Wilkes, M. R.

    Candle and books in front of boats near Mediterranean [?] church.
  26. Wright, Howell

    Church buildings seen through curtained window. Top corners: Waterfall, Electric pylons. Bottom corners: map of Africa, crossed rifle and bamboo bow. Top center: Crest with Asian characters.
  27. Silliman University.
    Image | 1945

    Sepulchral monument with cross
  28. Nancy and George on their wedding day

    Newlywed couple walking down the aisle. On the back is the inscription: "Nancy and George coming out of the church on their wedding day."
  29. Women standing on the stoop of a church

    Two women on the steps of a church in the neighborhood of Wade House.
  30. European church

    European-looking church. Box A1. Negative available.
  31. Post announcing Carl Sandburg's talk at Buckley Church

    Poster with heading "Chas. Sandburg: A Socialistic Writer, Lecturer and Orator of World-wide Reputation…", advertising a lecture of Carl Sandburg's at Buckley Church on 11 January 1910.
  32. White building seen through some trees in Puerto Rico

    Large, white building in Puerto Rico. Possibly a mission building or a church. This photograph was probably taken during the Spanish-American War.
  33. Cole Hospital

    Shows the north and west sides of the structure. Formerly the home of the B.F. Harris family.
  34. Champaign Public Library
    Image | 1974

    Shows the south side of the structure.
  35. St. Patrick's Catholic Church
    Image | 1975

    Shows the west and south sides of the structure.
  36. First Presbyterian Church
    Image | 1975

    Shows the south and east sides of the structure.