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  1. Chicago Public Library, Downtown Chicago, Ill.
    Image | 1940

    ""The Public Library, located on Michgan Boulevard between Washington and Randolph Streets, contains over 1,993,604 volumes of books of every description. Having an annual circulation of 12,000,000 proving the people of Chicago are well-read."" Postcard was never mailed.
  2. Library framed by green palms - Hollywood, Florida
    Image | 1975

    No caption on back. Postcard was never mailed.
  3. Boston Public Library (12)
    Image | 2010

    Public Library, Boston, Mass.
  4. Public Library, Riverside, California
    Image | 1961

    ""Serving residents of Riverside with over 300,000 volumes. Mission-type architecture is very prominent in this beautiful palm-lined city."" Postcard was mailed, postmarked Oct. 25, 1961. Has mold damage, visible on back.
  5. Boston Public Library (14)
    Image | 2010

    THE PUBLIC LIBRARY--BOSTON in Copley Square is one of the world's largest. Students, literati and others throng its rooms and corridors to read and study, to see the magnificent murals, the art exhibitions and the statues and to hear the public lectures. It contains about one and three-quarters million volumes and has 34 branches in different parts of the city.
  6. Public Library
    Image | 2013

    Public Library, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
  7. Brooklyn Public Library
    Image | 1960

    ""The Circulation Hall of Ingersoll Building offers easy access to card catalogs, book charging, and information desks, and subject divisions."" Postcard was never mailed.
  8. Caroliniana Library, University of South Carolina
    Image | 1970

    ""The first separate college library in the United States designed by Robert Mills who also designed the Washington Monument."" Postcard was never mailed.