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  1. AALS Conference and Workshop Publications files (Born Digital Records and Digital Surrogates), 1999-

    Born Digital Records and Digital Surrogates from the AALS Conference and Workshop Publications files contain brochures, programs, proceedings, transcripts, papers, and workbooks relating to workshops, mini-workshops, and conferences regarding new law teachers, minorities in legal education, women in legal education, clinical education, legal teaching, international and compa...
  2. Ad Council 50th Anniversary File (Digital Surrogates), 1943-1946

    Digital Surrogates from the Ad Council 50th Anniversary File contain two digitized handouts concerning commercial war advertising. For more information, please see this Series' main catalog record in Archon. An access copy is available upon request.
  3. Avery Brundage Papers and Audiovisuals (Digital Surrogates), 1929-1969

    Digital Surrogates from the Avery Brundage Papers and Audiovisuals, contain correspondence, articles and newspaper clippings, concerning US athletics managed by the Amateur Athletic Union (A.A.U). Include subjects as American Track and Field team performance in Oslo (1934); A.A.U bylaws and decisions about varied topics (1929, 1932 -34); controversy about US participation an...
  4. Champaign-Urbana Historic Buildings

    The Champaign-Urbana Historic Built Environment offers a selection from the holdings of the Champaign County Historical Archives, which was established as a department of The Urbana Free Library in 1956. Among its holdings of books, manuscripts, and maps, the archives has preserved over 50,000 photographs of local people and locations. This collection provides a sampling of ...
  5. College of Law

    With the significant resources of a major research university, the expertise of world-renowned faculty members, and a variety of special program opportunities, the College of Law consistently ranks among the top law schools in the country and among the top 10 public law schools. Backed by the prestigious reputation of the University of Illinois, the College of Law resides o...
  6. Karl Humble Sound Recording Collection, 1910-1952

    The collection consists of one hundred and ninety-eight commercially produced ten- and twelve-inch 78 rpm sound recordings that document performances by significant American and British military and civilian bands between 1910 and 1952. In addition the recordings document a broad range of recording practices and publishing conventions during the infancy of the early years of...
  7. Placement Office Publications

    Audiovisual Digital Surrogates from the Placement Office Publications includes a digitized video, concerning a Women in Engineering recruitment commercial, 1973.
  8. Paul E. Mayes Papers (Born Digital Records), 1985-1997

    Born digital records from the Paul E. Mayes Papers include research notes and quantitative data; diagrams; graphs; event programs; agendas; and biographic notes; concerning Paul E. Mayes research and developments about antennas, his career as professor of Electrical Engineering, and as Director of the Electromagnetics Laboratory. Materials refer to antenna research; the Ante...
  9. Paul Price Percussion Music and Papers, 1961-1982

    Consists of percussion sheet music, sound recordings and correspondence documenting Paul Price's career as a percussion music educator, publisher and performer. Of special note are manuscripts, non-commercial recordings, and other forms of unpublished music materials of American 20th-century composers including Lou Harrison, Michael Colgrass, and Henry Cowell, as well as wor...
  10. William Percival Sound Recordings, 1974-1982

    Commercial sound recordings by artists from the Urbana-Champaign music community, including Kid Tater, Appaloosa, Big Daddy Sun and the Outer Planets, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Duke Tomatoe and the All-Star Frogs, Dan Fogelberg, and Fool's Gold.
  11. Portrait of Fanny Ayton
    Image | 1828

    Half-length. Wearing earring, pearl necklace.
  12. Portrait of Robert Baddeley
    Image | 1793

    Bust. Wearing star ornament.
  13. Robert Baddeley as Peter in "Henry VI (The Second Part)"
    Image | 1786

    Whole-length portrait. Standing, wearing breeches and waistcoat
  14. Robert Baddeley as Canton in "Clandestine Marriage"
    Image | 1794

    Three-quarter-length. Seated, wearing spectacles.
  15. Robert Baddeley as Petulant in "The Way of the World"
    Image | 1777

    Whole-length. Wearing hat, coat, waistcoat, breeches, shoes with buckles
  16. Robert Baddeley as Sir Harry Gubbin in "The Tender Husband"
    Image | 1791

    Whole-length. Standing in interior setting. Wearing coat, waistcoat, breeches, shoes with buckles
  17. Robert Baddeley as Trincalo in "The Tempest"
    Image | 1778

    Whole-length. Wearing coat, waistcoat, breeches.
  18. Portrait of Sophia Baddeley and Captain William Hanger
    Image | 1772

    Half-length, each portait in separate oval.
  19. Sophia Baddeley as Clarissa in "Lionel and Clarissa"
    Image | 1781

    Whole-length. Wearing dress with ribbon embellishments, hat with flowers.
  20. Sophia Baddeley as Mrs. Strictland in "The Suspicious Husband"
    Image | 1776

    Whole-length. Seated in interior setting wearing headdress with plume
  21. Sophia Baddeley as Fanny Sterling and Thomas King as Lord Ogleby in "The Clandestine Marriage"

    Whole-length. Standing together in outdoor setting.
  22. Portrait of Alexina Baker (nee Fisher)

    Three-quarter-length standing
  23. Portrait of Benjamin A. Baker

    Bust. Wearing three-piece suit
  24. Grave and monument of Benjamin A. Baker

    Grave and monument, Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, N. Y.
  25. Portrait of Matilda Baker (nee Vining)
    Image | 1823

    Half-length. Wearing small hat, necklace with pendant.
  26. Matilda Baker (nee Vining) as Cicely Homespun in "The Heir at Law"

    Half-length. Wearing large hat with ribbons.
  27. Mrs. Baker (nee Vining) as Lady Elizabeth Freelove in "The Day After the Wedding"
    Image | 1823

    Half-length. Looking in mirror, arranging hair.
  28. Portrait of Sir Squire Bancroft

    Three-quarter-length. Wearing monocle.
  29. Sir Squire Bancroft as Triplet in "Masks and Faces"
    Image | 1888

    Whole-length. Standing, face to right, pointing to portrait on a chair, roll of paper under left arm.
  30. Portrait of Lady Marie Bancroft (nee Wilton)

    Half-length. Hair in braided in bun.
  31. Marie Bancroft (nee Wilton) when Miss Wilton
    Image | 1888

    Bust. From a miniature.
  32. Frank C. Bangs as the Sultan of Myra in "The Veteran"

    Three-quarter length. Wearing jewelry and embroidered tunic, robe, and turban. Reproduction of a lithograph.
  33. Portrait of Charles Bannister
    Image | 1794

    Half-length. Wearing pendant and ruffled collar.
  34. Portrait of Charles Bannister
    Image | 1804

    Bust, profile. Tinted pink
  35. Portrait of Charles Bannister
    Image | 1787

  36. Portrait of Charles Bannister
    Image | 1789

  37. Charles Bannister as Merlin in "Cymon"
    Image | 1778

    Whole-length. Wearing hat with plume, collar, cape, breeches
  38. Charles Bannister as Merlin in "Cymon"
    Image | 1778

    Whole-length. Wearing hat with plume, collar, cape, breeches