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  1. Duns Scotus College Library
    Image | 1976

    Duns Scotus College, Southfield, Michigan. Two views of the college library.
  2. 1950 University Honors
    Image | 1950

    The bronze tablets list the names of students who graduated in the top 3% of their class from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  3. Paget

    Escutcheon parted per pale. Dexter, sable on a cross engrailed between four eagles displayed argent five lions passant guardant of the field. Sinister, ermine, two chevronels azure. Crest: with a demi-lion gorged with a coronet.
  4. Tinkler, John
    Image | 1893

    small shield parted quarterly with ant, beaver, bee and bird.
  5. Allen, Charles Dexter, 1865-1926.

    Black ink on cream paper. Contains entwined leaves of two flowers on either side of and supporting an open_file book, all within a thick, black border.
  6. Day, Robert
    Image | 1894

    objects depicted from lower left, counterclockwise: compass, within which a pelican in her piety, an Irish harp, open_file "Ex libris album', medal, case of coins or medals, cornice piece, paintings.
  7. Radcliffe College. Library.

    sinister, argent two bendlets engrailed sable. Banners at top with motto and at bottom with college name. Laurel branches.
  8. Tyssen, Samuel; Tyssen, Sophie

    2nd and 3rd, azure on a bend argent cotised or three Leopard's heads erased proper. Sinister: Sable a griffin segreant ermine armed or, for Baker. Crest: A demi-lion or, crowned gules supporting a shield azure charged with an estoile of the first. Motto: Post mortem virtus virescit
  9. Montgomery, Thomas Lynch, 1862-

    small quarters 2 and 3 azure (blue) a bend or (gold), each field charged with 3 crosses crosslet fitched, upper field 2 over 1, lower field 1 over 2. Crest consists of a woman holding dexter an anchor and sinister a severed head,
  10. Burchard, Georg

    sinister, or (gold) an antler sable (black).
  11. Leiningen-Westerburg, K. E. (Karl Emich), Graf zu, 1856-1906.
    Image | 1904

    sinister, charged with 3 eagles displayed, 2 over 1, for Leiningen, helmed, mantled, crested with leafy tree. Motto on banner beneath Westerburg arms.
  12. Holroyd, James John; Holroyd, Sophia

    2nd and 3rd, vert, three leopards heads on a bend argent cotised or. Crest: A demi griffin segreant, wings endorsed sable (black) holding between the claws a ducal coronet or (gold). Motto: Quem te deus esse jussit (What God commands you to be)
  13. Stanhope

    sinister, a horse rampant. Above the escutcheon, a crown, helm and mantling, crested with a tower from which arises a demi-lion rampant holding a grenade. Banner below with motto: A deo et rege.
  14. Bevan, Paul, 1860-1908
    Image | 1891

    Coat of arms. Escutcheon: ermine a bull passant between three annulets gules (red). Crest: a griffin passant or (gold), semée of annulets gules holding in dexter claw two annulets interlaced also gules. Motto: Duw fy noddfa (God is my refuge)
  15. De Bathe, William

    below the wreath a small escutcheon with sinister hand couped at the wrist. Motto: Nec parvis sisto (I do not continue in obscurity)
  16. Leiningen-Westerburg, K. E. (Karl Emich), Graf zu, 1856-1906.
    Image | 1903

    sinister, escutcheon charged with a lion rampant on an ax, for Laurwig.
  17. Leiningen-Westerburg, K. E. (Karl Emich), Graf zu, 1856-1906.
    Image | 1893

    mantling. Supporters: two lions rampant, with helms, crowned, crested dexter with leafing tree, sinister with peacock feathers.
  18. Day, Robert
    Image | 1880

    On a carved pointed oval frame, a coat of arms. Escutcheon: per chevron or and azure, three mullets countercharged, over all, a crescent countercharged for difference. Crest: two hands conjoined proper fixed to a pair of wings, the dexter wings or charged with a mullet azure, sinister wings azure charged with crescent or. Motto: Sic itur ad astra (Thus you shall go to the s...
  19. Cox

    Sinister, or a chevron argent charged with a boar's head between a fleur de lis and two lozenges above and a lozenge below. Motto: Praemium virtutis honos (Honour is the reward of virtue)
  20. Starke, Georg
    Image | 1893

    sinister, a printer's ink ball.
  21. Foote, Robert
    Image | 1795

    quarter 4, ten crosses pattee, six in chief and four in base argent, for Berkeley. Crest: A lion erased argent charged on the neck with an ermine spot sable (black). Motto: Pedetentim
  22. Unidentified

    sinister, barry of six, or and gules. Supported and crested by double headed eagle displayed, coronet. Motto: Deus dedit (God gave)
  23. La Renommiere, H. de
    Image | 1901

    in base, a fleur-de-lis or: Second, azure a chevron argent, charged with two mullets (stars) over a lion's head or.
  24. Vansittart, N.

    Sinister, gules, three garbs (sheaves) between a chevron or (gold) charged with three scallop shells. Crest: above a straight wreath, an eagle displayed couped, two crosses patee.
  25. Carpenter

    Coat of arms. Escutcheon: Paly of six argent (silver) and gules (red) on a chevraon azure (blue) three crosses crosslet or. Inescutcheon. Parted per pale. Dexter, gules, a chevron or between three cocks argent, for Crowe. Sinister, quarterly, Crest: A globe in a frame, all or. Supporters: Two horses per fess embattled argent and gules. Motto: Per acuta belli (Through the a...
  26. S. H. A. H. (Sydenham Henry Augustus Hervey), b. 1846
    Image | 1894

    sinister chief, a martlet for difference (fourth son) of the same, a mullet sable (black) on its wing. Crest: A cat-a-mountain passant sable charged with bezants, collared and chained, holding in his dexter paw a trefoil slipped vert. Motto: Je n'oublieray jamais (I will never forget).
  27. Philipps, Thomas

    sinister, sable, charged with a lion rampant gorged, 3 roundels or in chief. Crest, lion passant sable holding in the dexter paw an escutcheon argent with a chevron sable. Banner below with motto: Ce m'est egal.
  28. University of Chicago. Libraries.

    University of Chicago coat of arms. Escutcheon: argent, a phoenix displayed gules, langued azure, in flame proper. On a chief gules, a book expanded proper, edged and bound or. On dexter page of book the words, Crescat Scientia, 3 lines in pesse sable. On sinister page the words, Vita Excolatur, inscribed, 3 lines in pesse sable.
  29. Charrington, John

    Coat of arms. Escutcheon: gules (red), two crosses patées palewise or (gold), between as many flaunches chequy azure and or. Crest: demi griffin gules holding in his dexter claw three roots [?]. Motto: Cassis tutissima virtus (Virtue is the safest helmet)
  30. Carnegie, David, Sir, 1753-1805

    Coat of arms: Escutcheon: or (gold), an eagle displayed azure (blue). Crest: a dexter hand couped above the wrist holding a thunderbolt proper. Motto: Dread God. Supporters: Two greyhounds proper collared gules (red). Pendant from the shield, the Arms of Nova Scotia, with motto: Fax mentis honestae gloria (Glory is the light of a noble mind).